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07-22-2005, 09:25 PM
The Peacemaker

Every night I go to sleep hoping tomorrow will be a better day. For so many kids, throughout this world, are beginning to go astray. They have forgotten the true way to stay. They even forgot their intention to pray. All of this treason only for one reason, which is, trying to please all those who are decieving. Why cant these people see that Allah is there to take you away from your misery and pain, so quit taking everything into vain. And please try to restrain the things that are bad for your brain. This stuff can really make you go insane and then leave you on the Day of Judgment filled with shame of being burned in hot hot flame. However, burning in hell and enjoying your worldly pleasures are almost the same. That’s why I proclaim:

You claim to be a believer, but you’ve done nothing for those who have a high fever and still work without a breather. Just yesterday I saw a man he was staring at me, pretty freaky. He was an old poor man that looked and smelled pretty needy. I felt for sorry for the status that he was in, with a split head and a bloody limb. Inside, all I could say, ”Allah please help him.” You notice these kinds of things when you come out of the dim. Just like this man, you never know when you’re going to die, so let out everything from your heart and show your true colors, come on now, don’t be shy. You yourself are always lookin for something to make you look so fly, but when it comes to help out another brother your like a computer on stand-by, who doesn’t know when to say good bye to all the evil money that you have stacked up to the sky. Come on guy. I know you can’t deny when you see a lonely heart, but to kiss that depressed cry.
I see everyday with my own two eyes, presidents, kings, queens and other leaders that spread so many lies. Saying that oh these disenfranchised people are living peaceful lives… What, filled with cries? I think it’s time to compromise.

Yeah Bro. I’m talking to you, not the disbelieving fool who doesn’t have a clue of what to do in this beautiful world Allah has bestowed for me and you. Now you have to realize that this world has no value for those who are true. If it were, than Islam would be a joke and would be like an invisible cloak, but its not. It has meaning in everybody’s lives. That’s why I pray to Allah to show the truth through all of our lives. Inshallah the strongest will survive and you are only strong if you read the daily prayers, in all, five. So I strongly suggest that you strive to be the best Muslim alive. Try to be kind with your enemy and soon you will begin to see the magic of Allah clearly. With every breath whispering his name, your shame will soon turn into fame and u will be able to proclaim that your Islamic name was straight from the beginning of this game. People all around the will turn kind if they truly bind with an Islamic mind. So far, this world has been blind. And all of us know the quote,” Use actions, only after you’ve used your mind.”

Are you gonna’ stay or find the true pathway. What do you say?


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