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View Full Version : Letter on Hijab?

Umu 'Isa
03-09-2007, 01:15 PM
I have this friend, and she has only recently said her shahada alhamdulillah. She wants to put on the hijab but doesn't know how to explain it to her mother. So she was thinking of writing a letter..

What kind of things should she include in it?

If she says she's doing it for Allah's sake, her mother wouldn't really understand so she wants it to explain in detail why women wear it and also talk about womens rights in Islam. She wants it to be said in a beautiful way..

I've seen an article before on hijab, it was a father explaining to his daughter why she should wear it.. he basically said women are jewels and should be covered.. We don't find pearls without its shell etc.

I can't find that article otherwise she could say something like that..

Any help would be much appreciated.

Jazakum Allah khairan in advance.

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03-09-2007, 01:42 PM
according to my understanding , her family is western.. I guess it wont work much if she talked about hijab directly in her letter...she has to treat the root first before the branch..so i believe that she need to write a short concentrated introuduction about the major things that converted her to islam then talk about hijab and its benfits as you said in a beautiful way:
points to be put in consideration
-this life has an end
-there is a real life after death
-this real life couldn't be compared to our very very short life as there is no point of comparison between 70 years and infinity
-this life has a purpose
-this purpose is critical that you cant entrust someone else to find this purpose on your behalf
-on this basics a person search for the truth
-the only religion on this earth that persuade her is islam
-its enough to know that more than 90% among people who convert convert to islam
-happiness in this life and the hearafter is in the obedience of Allah
-salvation and saftey in the real life depends on how much we follow allah rules and how much we love allah
-Allah ordered female muslims to cover ....etc

then talk about how hijab is beautiful and its benfits

Allah knows best


03-11-2007, 09:34 PM
alsalam alaykom sister Rahma,
i have alot of info about reasons to wear hijab or very touching experiances of new Muhajabat.. too much that i dont know which to tell u about ,since i present aradio show and hijab is one of the topics we usaully discuss with the title " to my precious pearl ".
If you want them Ican seend them to you my email.
keep praying for your friend and her mother

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