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View Full Version : Our real enemy

03-23-2007, 04:04 PM
You always think others will ruin you,
You always prejudice with your enemies,
You reckon your enemies will cause danger to you,
But actually your enemies will only endanger you occasionally,
And sometimes you can save yourself from their evils,
On the contrary, without you realize it or not, everyday you are being ruined by something that is very closed to you,+
Everyday you are ruined by your own knowledge and cleverness,
Everyday you are ruined by your glamour, fame and reputation,
You are also always being ruined by your wealth and properties,
Your status and rank always ruin you,
The trust of people on you also ruins you,
Your way of thinking ruins you,
Your (wrong) belief also ruins you,
The ideology in your head also ruins you,
While if you are ruined by your enemies, it is easy for you to realize it,
If other people ruin you, you can detect it quickly,
But if the knowledge, wealth, status, rank, authority, fame, reputation and glamour ruin you, it’s very hard for you to remorse and repent,
You don’t feel you are being ruined by them,
You only feel those are your success,
Those are your achievements in your life,
You feel you have succeeded in life,
That is why it’s very difficult for you to realize it,
You consider it as a success and not as a ruin,
You are deceived in your life,

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