View Full Version : What America did to Afghanisatan is good.

03-30-2007, 03:04 PM
After the tragedy of September 11, America took the opportunity to take action against their enemies, They have been wanting to pay revenge to their enemies for a long time, but they had no reason to do so, The event of September 11 was the good reason to enable them to take action, It was their golden opportunity, The American's action upon militant groups of Afghanistan exceeded the limit of humanity, They were not ashamed to involve with the affairs of other country, The world's voices were ignored, they did anything they like as if a crazy man, They were attacking everywhere, they put pressure on the weak countries, They are sending their armies to everywhere, Making chaos, scaring people, Humans in the world who have lost their God, are very scared, extremely worried, Some countries just succumb to America, because of the pressure imposed upon them, But I am astonished with something… God is sending His armies everyday to take action against us, But none is afraid and worried, America takes action infrequently, God acts in every second, God takes action due to our sins, because of the disobedient people, He carried it out to educates us, to make us realize, His army is attacking an individual, as well as a group of people, His army in the form of flood, hitting anything, Humans are dead, properties are destroyed, God would command His army in the form of volcanoes to destroy everything, He also would order His army in the form of earth to quake (what is called as earthquake) and to devastate the high buildings, Which also can annihilate the present civilisation in a twinkle of eyes, He would also ask His army in the form of storm or tornado to strike whatever thing, Destructions are everywhere, We have just mentioned the action of God upon a group of people, now we see what has God done on an individual, He would release His militant army of bacteria or germ to attack human beings here and there, The military of food which cause health disorder on individual, Variety of illness is afflicted such as a terrified cancer, a dangerous high blood pressure, a problematic diabetes, a risky heart problem, an anxious asthma, If that the case, is America supposed to be scared or God? America acts very rarely, God acts every time, The action taken by America is only destructive and problematic without any wisdom or lesson to be taken, But God's action has its wisdom and lessons, To educate and make us wake up, The God's wrath leads to repentence

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