View Full Version : Step-by-step Guide To Watching Live Football Even If It's Not Televised In Uk

03-31-2007, 01:58 PM
Watch LIVE football for free even if it isn't televised in the UK. Yep. I'm about to watch Man United and Blackburn on ESPN even though it's a 3pm kickoff and it's not televised in the UK. I'm watching the Asian channels... :)

Step By Step Instructions

Step One

If you don't have WinRaR install it from http://www.download.com/3000-2250-10007677.html before you install programmes below.

1. Download SopCast http://www.sopcast.org/download/

2. Download PPMate http://myp2p.eu/Programs/PPmate.htm

3. Download PPLive http://www.pplive.com/en/download.html

4. Download http://p2ptv.orgfree.com/ (Quite useful for finding channels)

5. Download PPStream http://myp2p.eu/Programs/PPStream.htm

6. Download TVAnts http://www.livefootballonpc.co.uk/tvants.htm

Install ALL of these

Step Two

1. Sign up to this forum http://www.fsicrew.info/forums/index.php

2. After Activation go to the section you want, it be English football, Scottish football, La Liga, Serie A etc.. Then click "This weeks links" then scroll down, search for the match you would like to watch LIVE and click on any channel you want to watch and any software you want to watch it on depending on which one is listed.

ESPN (China) and StarSport China has English commentary everytime. Just flick through and find the best quality ones. Sometimes you may not find an English commentary but Chinese but free live football even if it's not televised in the UK, you cannot complain with that :) I'm about to watch Man United and Blackburn on ESPN even though it's not televised in the UK.. it's televised in Asia.

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