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04-16-2007, 11:02 AM

Masha'Allah we have an excellent thread giving loads of useful tips and advice to consider whilst giving da'wa ('Dawah Tips/Ideas'). However we need to consider every one is different, and everyone will need different ways of addressing when we are giving da'wa. Masha'Allah we have recognised this. But need a way to get round it.

So I want to dedicate this thread for tips and advise for people on how to give dawa to a specific person. Firstly because I need help and secondly because I think there may be others out there who would benefit from this.

Okay, as i've previously mentioned.. I have an elderly neighbour (80 odd). She is still perfectly able to think, reflect and make suitable decisions for herself. Because she is old she does repeat the same story to you each time she sees you, but looking beyond that i see a small hope and maybe potential for her. She is italian (i want to give her something in the italian language.. because sometimes we cant communicate in english- but i think the Qur'an is too heavy to give to her yet, so if you guys have any other suggestions and where i could get them from please let me know Insha'Allah).

She is one of many who has a mental picture of muslims in her head, created by the media. However at the same time we try to expose her to much of islam through our lifestyle and habits, which is the reason she spends alot of time with us. I have talked to her many times about religion and beliefs and i see that she is scared... she says she is not very practicing but is a Catholic.

How do I go about giving da'wa to her?

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- Qatada -
04-17-2007, 04:34 PM

Maybe you could give her a translation of Qur'an which is in italian translation? If not that - how about using some verses to make her think about her purpose in life, why she's here, and explain concepts to her [i.e. about the afterlife and even this life etc.] to make her reflect and ponder.

You don't have to directly read the verses out infront of her, but use a verse and explain it in a way which will make her wonder.. explaining that the death of an obedient servant of Allaah is a blessing for them, whereas for the disbelieving servant it is the beginning to an endless life of sorrow, since they turned away from the purpose of their creation, whereas those who believed and submitted fulfilled the purpose of their creation [in their obedience to their Creator etc.]

You're her friend in a way, and therefore you will influence her to make her think. You could even tell her how she's such a good person, and that's why Allaah has given her the chance to meet up with someone who is also going through a similar stage like them (to understand why they are made, and what will happen after death etc.) You need to tell her that she hasn't given up on Jesus either, since this was the same call of Jesus (peace be upon him.) To worship my Lord and your Lord. Tell her that obedience to Allaah's final Messenger will be a doorway to a good life in this world and the next, and inshaa Allaah (God willing) she could even meet with Mary, mother of Jesus (peace be upon them) in Paradise inshaa Allaah.

What areas have you focused on talking about with her already? And which areas do you really want to focus on? Maybe you could work on a plan gradually.

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