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04-20-2007, 12:41 PM
"What are the benefits of us coming and going?

What will remain of our cells and our being?

Under the firmament lives of sixty million infernos.

Where is the remainder of ashes and existing?"

The above quatrain belongs to Omar Kayyam, a unique philosopher, poet and mathematician of all times, a man complete in science and literature, no thinker achieved to the altitude of greatness in philosophy before and after Kayyam.

What we are now studying is about people in the South concerning Kayyam's quatrain. Why are we here, what have we done, what is our goal, why do we have to achieve it? What purpose do we serve? Where are we going from here, are we being educated to prevent death, fear and destruction or are we not being educated?

Life goes on and time does not stop, we stop, whatever achievements are made will not be forgotten. What remains is a coffin in a cemetery down below which is covered with soil. Within years the cemetery will be destroyed and there will be nothing left, cells will decay and turn into dust, where will the soul fly to? We don't know, whether we pass the bridge or not is unknown as is human life, time is immortal. But the world is changing rapidly and one wonders whether many millions of people will make it to the grave or not, surely the last generation does not want to live like future generations no matter how civilised and improved the world is made for human comfort.

Why is it that because of wealth people in parts of the world suffer and are tortured to death, what is the philosophy behind it? Why is there so much concern to show that philosophy to the comfortable people of the world who owe their comfort to those who are being destroyed? Mankind in some parts of the world live happily because billions in other parts of the world suffer.

They elect leaders as monsters for countries to destroy nations, they watch executioners and are proud of them for what they do. Millions of people in this world are suffering for the comfort of a few, so thirsty they will never change their greedy attitudes. According to Plato there is a golden mean for any Adam to be able to continue his life, I do not see that balance in the world, most certainly not in the Middle East, centuries pass and it remains the same. With all their wealth why should they live and give their wealth to a few countries. Why shouldn't they be destroyed and suffer viewing the happiness of a few?

They manufactured a prophet for Iranians who caused three million to escape and two million to die of illness, war and destruction under fascism, sixty million are in desperate need of psychological help, even the Western world cannot produce a science to cure them. The population live in absolute fear and lead a life of ignorance through no choice of their own.

America and her allies have gone so far even though they realise that animals such as dogs and cats - if they get a chance flee Iran and the rest of the countries in the Middle East. What are they doing about this massacre - they sell their servants equipment for torture to complete acts of human rights?

A comparison can be made to Ken Kersey's work: 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest', in the book Chief Bromden is fictitiously deaf-mute but in Iran this is reality. Even though we hear and talk, we remain mute, some claim not to be mute and are killed immediately.

In 1953 the Americans(1) headed a cast accompanied by the British, they destroyed a solid and democratic movement of Iranian people, whilst moving toward improvement and construction of the country. They permanently mutilated Iranians and one can only hope they pay for the destruction and suffering of Iranian people today and in centuries to come. They elected a toy for their interest and they ambushed Dr. Mossadegh (1882-1966), Mossadegh was determined to dispose of the corrupt rulers in Iran and weaken the foreign influence, scientifically known as kick arse era directorates. Mossadegh held a position in government, he was a deputy to the Majlis (parliament) and in 1950-51 he became the prime minister. Mossadegh knew the Shah was a toy boy of the Americans, he gradually gained more control and distributed the power of the Shah among Iranian intellectuals, he was the politician who said "wherever people are parliaments must be."

Mossadegh remained as prime minister for two years, his government was more constructive than any other government before and after him. The kick arse era's aim was to paralyse Mossadegh's government and internationalise Iran's oil and other natural resources. Finally, they succeeded and Mossadegh's government collapsed, until 1953 no American had seen Iran with the exception of the military invasion of Iran in the 1940s to remove the king. Reza Shah changed the country's name from Persia to Iran, he was uneducated and did not understand An Arianism. To Reza Shah August Comte, Arthur De Gobineau and Kaiser WelhelmII were unknown, in fact, two years after the foundation of the Pahlavi dynasty Houston Steward Chamberlain(1855-1927) died. The uncivilised racist invaders cancelled Reza Shah to protect their own interests, According to American sources in 1999 only 5% of Americans hold passports, what is the logical explanation of their government toppling other country's leaders? The Westerners called this justice, Mossadegh read the hands of the aggressors, he stood and fought for his country but it seems the Middle East is never to see peace and stability.

Since the foundation of Islam all the rulers in Iran were the servants of Arab caliphs, from the seventeenth century onwards, saints were produced in Iraq and exported to Iran with their dreams to strengthen the ritual and superstitious beliefs. Mulla is a substitute word for caliph with an amusing dress code and barbaric ruling style. Their education commandment was updated for the destruction of Iranians, laws such as an amputation commandment. Article 61 of the Islamic constitutional law states "if you cause the amputation of the right hand your right hand will be amputated without any usage of anaesthetic local or general." Article 62 requires a tape measure to measure the length and depth of the injury caused, so the victim cuts his attacker exactly on the same spot with special tools required, sometimes eyes and tongue are cut out. In 1979 no Iranian had any knowledge of these barbaric laws or approved of them. In the case of political prisoners any opposition to the barbaric regime's policy is called political opposition, ninety-five percent of people who are called political opponents to the barbaric regime are innocent, they have no political knowledge and no right of defending themselves via that barbaric legislation, they are not entitled to any legal representation. In relation to ritualism Mulla have transformed Iranian society to the dark ages in and out of Iran, outside Iran they send Mulla and their tribes to educate the Mulla lovers during Ashura and Ramadan. In Ramadan of 1999 Mulla Nazari, a highly educated preacher and his followers came to London for a month at the cost of the government of Iran. During the month of fasting the Islamic Centre provides dinner for the followers [financed by those Iranians whose interests have been preserved], after dinner is served seventy percent of the crowd leave, the rest of the crowd are mainly children, women and elderly men. In the cold winter of London in the Islamic Centre the subject is about the spirit and ghost, Mulla Nazari said to the crowds: "Iranians are telling me that they cannot get any sleep because of the presence of spirits, they hear a knock at their door and when they open the door there is no one there, sometimes they hear voices speaking to them, they sometimes hear ghosts talking to each other." Mulla Nazari approaches the sanity of the spirits in tradition, wastes his followers time and leaves children in fear.

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