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04-30-2007, 03:30 AM
Islamic Ethics in the Workplace: Having personal time while at work - Inappropriate Internet Surfing



Dear Brothers,

I work in a private company as a Marketing Coordinator. I am 26 years old and all of my past life is full of sins. But i have repented now and serioucely want to change my life according to the teachings of Islam. I am trying my best to remain away from sins which i have done in the past. But the problem is that most of the times i have bad feelings about my past and i feel so depressed most of the time. i have now loss interest in all the activities and now i only feel good when i am reading and researching about Islam. But the problem is that i have lost my interest in job also and i used to surf the internet while i am at work most of the times and this has affect my possition in the company and i think that i will be fired very soon because i am unable to bring out the results. I tried too much to
full fill my duties but i feel that i have completely lost my interest in the job. I found myself helpless as i could not controll my self by surfing the internet for islamic teachings while i am at work. If i do not do this, then i feel very uncomfortable. Please tell me that the money which i am earning from this company will be considered as Hallal or Haram? What should i do?

Please help me. Allah Hafiz.



Dear Brother;

Assalamu Alaikum
Bismillahi ala kulli hal.

Thank you so much for bringing up this problem that concerns us all. Unfortunately, this is a problem that we are not serious about. 1/3 of Islam is all about Justice (the others are Oneness of Allah and Hereafter). Being just in every second of life is very important in a Muslim life.

In the History of Islam we have many examples about being so sensitive to others rights and being Just.

An Islamic hero who has pinnacled Justice in his life is Omar ibn Abdul-Aziz. Omar is a person who is just well known by a few Muslims (those who are interested in the history of Islam). After the death of Prophet Mohammed, for some years, is when he was born.
Immediately when he became a leader, he dismissed all the governors who were known to be cruel and unjust to the servants. Therefore, the people were happier than ever.
Also he gave out all his wealth for the betterment of the society until he was remained with only one shirt. His people realized this when he was always late for Friday prayers as a result of waiting for his only one shirt to dry after washing it.

In his office he had two candles, if he wanted to write the state affairs, he would use the candle that belonged to the state and if he wanted to write his own personal letters, he would use the candle, which he bought from his own money.
It is important to earn the money not make money at work. Earn money means spending reasonable time at work for the job what we get paid for. If we are expected to spend all our time (except breaks or lunch time) concentrated and actively working then we need to do just that. If you have to take personal time – to answer a personal phone call or in your case surf on the internet – then we need to make up that time by not taking breaks, reducing lunch hours or leaving from work late. Whatever satisfies your conscious and please Allah (swt) is the key here. Even if your manager or boss not there or monitoring you all the time , Allah is watching you, and you will be accountable for how you spend your time at work even if you do something good like surfing internet to educate yourself about Islam. This is not acceptable in Islam unless you get permission from your boss – the actual owner.

Judging your habit Halal or Haram is your call, ask your conscious, you will have answer there. If it bothers you mean whatever you are doing is not right and you will be accountable for and repent for it.

How Much is Too Much?
Your first hint should be your company's policy on Internet use. Do they have one? Many companies do. Ask your company if they have developed internet policy. Even if your company doesn't have a written policy limiting Internet use, they may frown upon it. According to a survey , “... 35% of employers think personal web time should be limited to 30 minutes per day.”

Company policies aside, it isn't wise to spend a lot of time online. After all, aren't you getting paid to do your job? You may argue that you only spend time doing non-job related activities, i.e. surfing the Net, when you finish your job-related ones. You may not want to use that explanation with your boss though. The question that follows may be “Why don't you have enough work to fill your day?” Your boss may decide that there isn't enough work to justify your salary.

Unless your company prohibits personal use of the Net entirely, you should limit your time to checking one or two pages, and perhaps checking your email. And of course use common sense. If there's work to be done that certainly should take precedence.

Even if your boss doesn't care if you spend time online, does that mean you can do whatever you want, visit whatever sites you want, and send email to whomever and about whatever you want? The answer is no. You must surf wisely consider the conditions above.

In short, a little surfing isn't worth losing a good job in a depressed state!

May Allah helps us all to overcome this “ Surfing internet at work “ addiction.

By Quranic healing Advisor Team


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