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04-30-2007, 12:31 PM


My name is mohamoud and i am here to ask all you brothers and sister in islam to donate for harrow mosque. Harrow central mosque is currently strugling as the whole community is unable to fit in the mosque on juma prayers and have to be done in to seprate prayers. On eid we have 5 prayers just to fit all the brothers and sisters in.

The new project that is being build will help the islamic community of harrow as there will be space for every one to pray together. The private school will help our little brothers and sisters in islam to educate with fellow muslims and learn the deen aswell as their studies.

"Whoever builds a Mosque for Allah,
Allah will reward them with a place
in Paradise."
(Hadith Al-Bukhari) Current Development Status

Invest in your future
Why not invest in your future? Your children’s future is our future. Our project to create a wonderful community resource in the centre of Harrow is well under way. Phase 1 & 2 are completed, the basement and steel structure are up, now we urge all brothers & sisters to contribute towards the brickwork stage, for this we need £1.2 million, so please donate however small the amount it all helps.

Our Appeal For £6,500,000
We urgently need your help to meet the cost of the Mosque and Community Centre. The construction cost is estimated to be £6.5 million, of £2.5 million we have raised so far. WE NEED A FURTHER £4 MILLION. YOUR MASJID URGENTLY NEEDS YOUR HELP! Together and with the help of Allah (swt) we can do this, insha’Allah.

Allah (SWT) in His infinite wisdom has given each person different means, He alone knows your circumstances.We would urge you to contribute whatever you can afford and Allah will reward you for your sincere donation.

so please vist this site: http://www.justgiving.com/harrow-mosque

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05-01-2007, 06:22 PM

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