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View Full Version : Getting Halal via Twitter and Jaiku

05-20-2007, 12:16 AM

We are working on a series of posts that involves getting a product halal certified. Sneak previews will be available via Twitter. Each tweet will be preceded with ‘Getting Halal:’ To view and subscribe to these tweets, click here:

If you have not been touched by Twitter mania, here is a short description: Twitter is a social networking site based around text messaging, also known as tweets. Tweets are short messages (140 characters or less) that were originally based on answering the question: “What are you doing?” Tweets have now evolved to track an event, update followers on a political campaign, market a service and update blog readers on new posts. Messages are sent via the web, SMS text messaging, browser plugins, desktop applications or instant messengering software.

To read the rest of the article: http://islamcrunch.com/archives/gett...tter-and-jaiku

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