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05-20-2007, 01:15 AM
Hello Everyone,

I am a 23 year old male currently living in Coventry, UK. I was born in Canada but have English parents and grew up in Leicestershire before moving away at 18 to go to University. I have always excelled in my educational, professional and sociable life but I still feel that there is emptiness in my spirit.

Until I went to university I had never had a muslim friend nor did I not know a lot about Islam. In my second year at university I met a friend called Raja who helped me not only to become a better person but to also open my mind and he gave me knowledge. I class myself as a strong friend of Islam and i yearn to improve my knowledge of the faith. I have started to read parts of the Koran and I am currently reading Purification Of The Heart by Hamza Yusef and both are helping me immensly.

My lovely parents are devout Christians and without being biased they are two of the nicest, generous and helpful people in my life and are pillars in their local community. I used to go to Church with them every week when I was a kid but once I got old enough to decide for myself, I stopped going. Now I am am an Adult I feel I have neglected part of my spiritual life and I am trying to increase my mind and learn about God.

I believe in God, but at the moment I am not sure what religion I class myself in. I have read parts of the bible and the Koran and I have benefitted from both. I feel confused as to what I need to do in my life spiritually and I would be very grateful if anyone can provide me with guidance. I hope I do not offend anyone hear by not being a devout muslim, and I hope you will welcome me into your online community.

I hope that by being a member of this forum I can interact with some kind and like minded individuals who will also help me on my quest to become a better person.

-Andrew :)

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05-20-2007, 01:19 AM
Howdy Andrew,

Interesting life, and welcome, we have a handful of reverts to islam who might be able to identify with your steps in life, for example having the knowledge that there is a God but feeling abit stuck on how to go about finding the path He set out for us, such are the questions faced by many, me personally too.

Anyhow, I hope to see you around the forum, enjoy yourself and check things out.

05-20-2007, 01:24 AM

i am a Christian here, and if you ever have questions on Christianity, feel free to give me a PM!

05-20-2007, 01:26 AM
Hi Andrew, Welcome to the forums. Have a great stay.

I'm Agnostic and so if your spiritual path ends up leading down that way, gimme a shout and i'll help ya out!

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05-20-2007, 02:37 AM
Welcome Andrew, as you can see we do have a wide variety of members. But, keep in mind this is an Islamic forum and most of us here are Muslim. We do allow some discussion of other faiths in the "Comparative Religion" section, but we do not allow anyone to promote any religion besides Islam.

Like Brother Al Habeshi said above many of us are reverts from other faiths and we have had to face many questions before accepting Islam. Those of us who have reverted have come to the conclusion that Islam is the truth and the right path. Although we may have decided that for different reasons. Myself, being a lover of linguistics and having had a brief knowledge of Arabic, it did not take much for me to come to the conclusion that the Qur'an could not have been written by a Human. That is one of the proofs that convinced me, although the story of why it took over 60 years for me to revert is another story.

'Abd al-Baari
05-20-2007, 09:47 AM
Hey Andrew

Welcome to the forums :)
Hope you have a good and beneficial stay

btw don't hesitate to ask any questions

05-20-2007, 10:39 AM
Peace and welcome Andrew.

I hope you enjoy ur stay........

05-20-2007, 10:56 AM
Aye aye Andrew, you can call me Andrew aswel:D

Welcome welcome welcome, another one from the midlands right?...
Enjoy this place fella, InshaAllah [God willing] you'll benefit from this place:)

Any questions just spit them out:D
Right e oh, welcome once again
Peace be unto you

05-20-2007, 10:57 AM

Welcome Andrew, we hope you have a benifical stay in this forum inshaAllah.

05-20-2007, 11:15 AM
Thank you so much for all the welcomes I am glad there are a lot of helpful people on here.

05-20-2007, 11:35 AM
salaam (peace)
Andrew and welcome to LI i hope you benefit from here :)
You can read about islam on this site,

05-20-2007, 11:46 AM
Originally Posted by sister-aisha
salaam (peace)
Andrew and welcome to LI i hope you benefit from here :)
You can read about islam on this site,
Thank you for the link, my bookmarks are growing rapidly. I am so glad there is so much material and resource available to me.

05-20-2007, 02:02 PM
Hi Andrew

welcome to the forums, i hope u have an enjoyable and beneficial stay :)
theres loads of various topics posted everyday on here, so im sure u'll learn loads.
Enjoy ur stay


- Qatada -
05-20-2007, 06:26 PM
Hey Andrew. lol i hope your bookmark folder doesn't tear up:


is also a useful site, remember if you ever have any questions - please don't hesitate to ask.

Also remember to ask Allaah/God for guidance, since He says:

“O My slaves, all of you are astray except those whom I guide, so ask Me for guidance, and I will guide you. O My slaves, all of you are hungry except those whom I feed, so ask me for food and I will feed you. O My slaves, all of you are naked except those whom I clothe, so ask Me for clothing and I will clothe you. … O My slaves, if the first of you and the last of you, your humans and your jinn, were to stand on a single plain and ask of Me and I were to give each one what he asked for, that would not cause any loss to Me greater than what is lost when a needle is dipped into the sea.”

Narrated by Muslim (2577).

We hope you have an enjoyable yet beneficial stay here. :)


05-20-2007, 06:43 PM
Peace Andrew and welcome aboard....

I don't know that anyone can direct you to their chosen path, but believe that we can provide you the tools from which you are to make the most educated decision as is satisfactory to you both (heart and mind) -- I certainly don't wish to clutter your cache but, wish to give you a three page quick read an excerpt if you will by Dr. Gary Miller, who was a former priest, he set out to convert some Muslims to Christianity, and decided the best way to go about it, was to learn Islam in depth so he can convince them with reason, he eventually became a Muslim and wrote the book the Amazing Quran, the below link will give you a very brief illustrated history and some exciting contents that he made along the way... in closure, I pray your stay here is informative, warm and fruitful!
Click me--Dr. Gary Miller's amazing Quran

and peace to you sir!

05-20-2007, 06:45 PM
:welcome: to the forum. Hope you have a beneficial stay.

05-21-2007, 07:36 PM
Welcome & have a benefical stay here :)

05-21-2007, 07:45 PM
welcome Andz :p
stay active and please ask any ups or down you have
take care

05-23-2007, 04:28 PM

Welcome here !


H@fiz Aziz
05-31-2007, 03:05 AM
Welcome to the forumz

Nσσя'υℓ Jαииαн
05-31-2007, 03:37 AM
Hey Andrew and welcome to LI!
Hope you find your stay beneficial.
Good luck with your journey and please do not hesitate to ask questions.
We are here to help you.
See you!

Peace :)

Asyur an-Nagi
05-31-2007, 05:39 AM
aaahhh...welcome, bro! have a beneficial stay:)

05-31-2007, 07:40 AM
Hey Andrew! ^^
Welcome to LI. :D

05-31-2007, 12:02 PM
Hello Andrew,

Weclome to the forum bro,

Have a good time and get posting

Be good :)!

Gangster No.1
05-31-2007, 12:15 PM
Hello Andy.

Im Umar, God Willing you'll learn evrything you want 2 learn about islam and about life and the purpose.

Funny to c how so many ppl here are askin andy to pm them about questions he has, instaed you should ask what you want by posting a Thread on any question you have.

Any way respect Andy, :thumbs_up

07-06-2007, 11:22 AM
thanks once again for the welcomes, I have been offline for a month but now I have more time and a connection again so will be frequenting this forum more often again.

07-06-2007, 12:44 PM
Welcome Andrew

Have a nice stay!

07-06-2007, 01:13 PM
Welcome to the forum:)

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