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05-23-2007, 10:59 PM
over the past hour, I am sitting at a computer terminal down stairs at an all night internet cafe, and was waiting for an edit to a post at MyIslamWeb to be posted

I fell asleep
Then awoke, and just left out the edit

Then I came into load islam to find if I had forgotten any intentions to post here this morning

It is now nearly 9am where I am, in Brisbane.

And I am noticing a difference in the world.

Why is it?

What has changed to be so refreshing in this morning, it is later than dawn, was it aligned with the most recent prayer time here, or is the change with other persons using the internet?

It feels alike to a momumental change having happened.

What but and where?

Who read one of my posts and believed it in its entirety? Where and why? And a most gracious thanks is owing.

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06-18-2007, 04:18 AM
Here is another thought for the absurdly scientifically minded.

Today I made a post in which I recognised only while writing it, that it might prove me to be a believer or not one way or the other much more properly than many of my other posts. I subscribed to a new thread to make it. I noticed that it was the 222nd thread I had subscribed to.

Then I went into another document in the computer, in which I am working today editing a lot of prose written earlier in the year. In one paragraph I have mentioned the 100th monkey sydrome.

Are you familiar with that story? About the Japanese snow monkeys. A mother learned a new skill of using a tool, she taught her baby, and they both taught others. The scientists observed a gradual process of more and more monkeys learning by watching each other and being actively taught. Then, as some magic and unknown amount, all the monkey's suddenly knew how, even those at too large a distance to have learn by physical transmission. The book speculates that it was only 100 who needed to know before everybody knew. But in my writing I am editing, I read that I have written that perhaps it is that we really need for 222 who know, before we all know.

But that doen't make sense does it, because I am not referring to 222 people reading any particular post, but only 222 threads I have posted in.

So then, what is the science in that?

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