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View Full Version : Advises of Luqman the Wise

idris patel
08-11-2005, 04:46 PM

Advises of Luqman the Wise

1. Recognize Allah - This is the first and most important principle of Islam. All Islamic education must begin with this principle. Tawhid must be emphasized and Shirk must be avoided. Oneness of Allah is the ultimate truth and it has the greatest affect in developing a moral and dignified personality.

2. Love and respect of parents - All good education must include the teachings about the rights of parents. However parents’ rights (or any person, group or institutions’ rights) are not above the rights of Allah.

3. Awareness of Allah’s presence and His knowledge - This is the best protection from all sins and wrong doings.

4. Prayers - Regular and proper prayers. Prayer is the nourishment of the soul. Through prayer we acknowledge the Lordship of Allah, give thanks to Him and express our allegiance and obedience to Him.

5. Command what is good - This means active involvement in doing good things and spreading truth, justice and righteousness.

6. Forbid wrong things - This means active involvement in preventing and eradicating evil, sin and corruption.

7. Patience and steadfastness - This is necessary for all those who want to work for good cause.

8. Kindness and courtesy to all people. Good people are kind and courteous people.

9. Humbleness - Be humble in your walk and in your behaviour in general.

10. Moderation - Follow moderate lifestyle. No extravagance, to extremism is allowed in Islam.

May Allah (SWT) inculcate in us the above qualities and a true and deep love for him and his beloved prophet Muhammad Mustafa (SAW).


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