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06-01-2007, 04:34 PM
Caliph Umar said, "He whose intention is pure, Allah shall defend his cause with people"

Anas said, "He who makes peace between two disputants, will be rewarded by Allah for each word as if he had liberated a slave"

Jacob Al Makfouf said, "The pure is the person who hides his good deeds such as he hides his bad deeds"

Caliph Ali said, "I wonder at a person who lets himself be destroyed while he has got the rescue". He was asked, "What is the rescue?” He replied, "Asking Allah for forgiveness"

Caliph Umar said, "Admire not a person for his resounding voice. A real man is only the one who restores deposits and refrains from dishonoring people"

Caliph Umar said, "Should a beast stumble in Iraq I fear to be accounted for it by Allah why I had not paved the road for it"

Hudaifa was asked what type of person would be dead when still alive, he replied, "It is the one who does not deny indecency neither by his hand, nor by his tongue, nor by his heart"

A sage was once asked who was the most generous, he replied, "He who gives when he himself has but little, and safeguards the dignity of the beggar"

Ibn Oyaina said, "Whoso performs the five daily prayers is paying gratitude for Allah, and whoso prays for his parents after each prayer is paying gratitude to them"

Caliph Umar said, "Whoso is humble unto Allah, Allah shall augment his wisdom"

Caliph Umar said, "Cheer up so that Allah may raise your rank"

Caliph Umar said, "I care not what state I am in, whether agreeable or disagreeable to me, for I know not what is good in what I like or dislike"
Al Hasan al Basri said, "Good neighbourhood is not merely to keep a neighbour harmless, but to tolerate any harm from your neighbour"

Caliph Umar said, "Lonliness is better than having a bad companion"

Aktham Ibn Seify said, "Meeting with those whom one loves consoles one's sorrows"

"The believer admires and envies not, but the hypocrite envies and admires not"

Al Fudheil said, "The company of a good natured wrong-doer is better for me than that of a bad natured worshipper"

Amr Ibn Al Aas said, "Talking resembles medicine, little of it cures and too much of it kills!"

please add the one you know...

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