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- Qatada -
06-03-2007, 03:03 PM

Those Who Raise the Generations.

The teacher Muhammad Bin Ismail describe the role of the muslim woman in raising the leaders of the ummah, their scholars and their great men.

1-The Imam of the people of ash-Sham, their faqih Abu 'Amr al-Awzaa'i Rahimahullah. An-Nawawi said about him."The Ulamaa' agreed on the imamah of al-Awzaa'i, his high position and merits. And the sayings of the salaf are many and known. About his fear, zuhd, worship and how he stood for the truth, his many narrations and deep fiqh and how much he would hold on to sunnah...and they acknowledged his status" end quote.

He was the fruits of a great mother! She was the one who took care of him and raised him after the death of his father.

2-Rabe'ah alraiy Rahimahullaah, the shaykh of Imam Malik Bin Anas Rahimahullah. His father left for jihad in the cause of Allah while he was in his mothers womb, he left and didnt return. He left 30,000 dirham with his wife and she used them to teach her son about the Deen until he became that son, Rabe'ah alraiy the shaykh of the people of madinah, their leading scholar, mufti and faqih.

3-Imam Malik bin Anas Rahimahullah, The imam of Darul hijrah, the Author of the great book "Al Muwatta'" and he is the one people would travel to from the whole world, seeking his knowledge and fatawa. This great Imam was also the fruit of a great mother, she made the means to seek knowledge easy for him and encourage him to do it. She raised him to get it, and listen to Imam Malik when he tells that saying:" I asked my mother, should i go and write knowledge? She said to me: come here and wear the dress for knowledge! He said so she gave me a dress to wear [dont know the name for it in english] and put the long one on my head and gave me a 'amamah above it, and then she said to me: now go and write the knowledge, and she would tell me: go to Rabe'ah alraiy and learn from his manners before his knowledge!"

4-Imam Ash-Shafi'ee, Muhammad ibn Idrees Rahimahullah was also a blessed fruit from a great and righteous mother. His father died while he was in his mothers womb or still breastfeeding. His mother took care of him and she did it with hikmah. She was a noble and clever woman from the noble woman of 'azd. And she Rahimahallah was by the agreement of the transmitters from the worshippers and with the purest fitrah."

[The Book 'awdat al hijab' by Muhamad Ibn Ismail (2/204)]

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- Qatada -
06-03-2007, 03:03 PM
Part 2

5- Abdullah Ibn Az-zubayr al-Mazini radiyallaahu anh, the one who narrated the wudoo' of the prophet (saws), and the one who killed Musaylamah the liar with his sword and he died on the day of al-hurrah. And his brother Habib Ibn zayd al-Mazini radiyallaahu anh, the one musaylamah cut into pieces! They were the fruits of a righteous mother,Umm Imarah Nusaybah bint Ka'b al-Maziniyyah al-ansariyyah Radiyallaahu anha, her brother was Abdullah Bin Ka'b Al-Mazini Radiyallaahu anh, from those who attended badr. She attended the night of al-aqabah, uhud, al hudaybiyah, hunayn, al yamamah and she fought a lot.

6- Abu Hafs,Umar ibn Abdul Aziz rahimahullah, from the best of the kings, he was just and righteous. His mother was Umm Aasim bint Aasim ibn Umar Ibnul Khattab radiyallaahu anhum, the best from her time and generous. Her mother was the one Umar Ibnul Khattab chose as a wife to his son Aasim, she didnt have what to be honoured with from family etc except from saying the truth while advising her mother when she ordered her to mix the milk with water, ans she said to her if Umar dont see us, The lord of Umar will see us! She gave her son the characters of his grandfather Al-Farouq Radiyallaahu anh.

7- Ameer al Mu'mineen AbdulRahman al-Naasir Rahimahullah, the one who ruled al-Andalus while it was sinking in fitnah, and blood was spilled. He couldnt stay in it so he went forth with his soldiers and opened 70 fortresses in one battle. He made it to the heart of france, switzerland and italy. He was the best of banu Umayyah in al-andalus and he ruled in 50 years and 6 months. He was the fruit of one woman for AbdulRahman was an orphan. His uncle killed his father when he was only 21 days old, so his mother raised him with the blessed characters.

8- Sufyan Ath-Thawri Rahimahullah, the jurist of the arabs and their muhaddith, he is the ameer al mu'mineen in hadeeth, the one it was said was the leader of the muslims. That great imam was also the fruit of a great mother, the history have saved her great merits and status.

The mother of Sufyan said to him:" My son, seek knowledge and i will help you with my spinning of wheel. She rahimahallah would work and give him so he would have time to seek knowledge, and she would give him lessons and advise. Once she said to him: O son, if you write 10 letters, look and see if it increased you in fear, patience and seriousness. For if you do not see any such improvements, then know that your knowledge harms you and does not benefit you"

So we still wonder hos sufyan reached the status of imam in the Deen? How not when he was raised by this merciful mother and he was fed with the milk of that advising mother with taqwa?

08-22-2007, 05:25 AM

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