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06-04-2007, 03:05 PM
AsalamuAlaykum Warahmatullai Wabarakatuh Wa Maghfiratuh

Sayyidinâ Alî Ibn Abî Tâlib—may Allâh exalt his face—said:

Your cure is within you, but you do not know,
Your illness is from you, but you do not see.
You are the “Clarifying Book”
Through whose letters becomes manifest the hidden.
You suppose that you’re a small body
But the greatest world unfolds within you.
You would not need what is outside yourself
If you would reflect on ’self’, but you do not reflect.

WalaykumSalaam Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Wa Maghfiratuh! :D


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06-04-2007, 03:07 PM


khair inshaAllah

06-04-2007, 03:24 PM

If you would reflect on ’self’, but you do not reflect.
Most people nowadays unfortunately.. :(

06-04-2007, 03:33 PM
Ibn al-Qayyim - rahimahullaah - said:

"There are six stages to knowledge:-
  • Firstly: Asking questions in a good manner.
  • Secondly: Remaining quiet and listening attentively.
  • Thirdly: Understanding well.
  • Fourthly: Memorising.
  • Fifthly: Teaching.
  • Sixthly - and it is its fruit: Acting upon the knowledge and keeping to its limits." [Miftaah Daarus-Sa'aadah (p.283)]
"Jihaad (striving) against the soul has four stages:
  • Firstly: To strive in learning guidance and the religion of truth, without which there will be no success. Indeed, there can be no true happiness, nor any delight in this world and in the Herefater, except through it.
  • Secondly: Striving to act upon what has been learnt, since knowledge without action will not benefit, rather it will cause harm.
  • Thirdly: Striving to invite others towards it and to teach those who do not know, otherwise he may be considered from those who hide what Allaah has revealed of guidance and clear explanation. Such knowledge will neither benefit, nor save a person from the punishment of Allaah.
  • Fourthly: Striving to be patient and persevering against those who oppose this da'wah (call) to Allaah and those who seek to cause harm - patiently bearing all these hardships for the sake of Allaah.
Four Principles of Worship

"(The Aayah): "You alone do we worship." [Soorah al-Faatihah 1:5] is built upon four principles:- Ascertaining what Allaah and His Messenger love and are pleased with, from

1. the sayings of the heart and
2. of the tongue; and
3. the actions of the heart and
4. of the limbs.

So al-'uboodiyyah (servitude and slavery to Allaah) is a comprehensive term for all these for stages. The one who actualises them has indeed actualised: "You alone do we worship."

  • The saying of the heart: It is i'tiqaad (belief) in what Allaah - the Most Perfect - informed about His Self; concerning His Names, His Attributes, His Actions, His Angels, and all that He sent upon the tongue of His Messenger (sal-Allaahu 'alayhe wa sallam).

  • The saying of the tongue: It is to inform and convey (what Allaah has revealed), to call to it, defend it, to explain the false innovations which oppose it, to establish its remembrance and to convey what it orders.

  • The action of the heart: Such as love for Him, reliance upon Him, repenting to Him, having fear and hope in Him, making the Deen purely and sincerely for Him, having patience in what He orders and prohibits, having patience with what He decrees and being pleased with it, having allegiance and enmity for His sake, humbling oneself in front of Him and having humility in front of Him, becoming tranquil with Him and other than this from the actions of the heart which are actually connected to the action of the limbs ... and actions of the limbs without the action of the heart is of little benefit, if any benefit at all.

  • The action of the limbs: Such as Prayer and Jihaad, attending the Jumu'ah and being with the Jamaa'ah, aiding those who are unable and displaying goodness and kindness to the creation, and other than this." [Madaarijus-Saalikeen (1/100-101)]
PEACE, much lov sis :) :D

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