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06-04-2007, 03:28 PM
:sl: brothers and sisters,

Before the martyrdom of Uthman (RA.), he spoke to Abu Thaur al-Fahmi (RA.) thus:

I entertain great hopes in my Lord with Whom I have placed ten things as trust:

1. I am the fourth person to accept Islam.

2. The HOly Prophet (SAW) gave his daughter in marriage to me.

3. On her death, he gave me his second daughter in marriage.

4. I have never sung a song.

5. I have never even thought of wickedness.

6. Ever since I took the oath of allegiance to the Holy Prophet (SAW) with my right hand, I have never touched the genitals therewith.

7. Ever since I became a Muslim, I have set free a slave on every Friday.

8. I have never committed adultery during the Days of Ignorance or after embracing Islam.

9. I have never stolen anything during the Dyas of Ignorance or after embracing Islam.

10. I committed the Holy Quran to memory during the life time of the Holy Prophet (SAW).


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06-04-2007, 03:36 PM
The sahabas are awesome..... Great Qualities... And are really worth to be around Allah's greatest creation(Prophet Mohammad (pbuh))........

06-09-2007, 01:22 AM
10 things from Uthman (RA)
...or 14
  1. Uthman (r.a.) said that he was surprised at the conduct of a person: Who believes in the existence of God, [but who nevertheless] seeks assistance from others.
  2. Uthman (r.a.) said that he was surprised at the conduct of a person: Who is aware of paradise, [but is nonetheless] engaged in worldly pleasures.
  3. Uthman (r.a.) said that four things were useless and these were: Knowledge without practice; Wealth without expenditure in the way of Allah; Piety for the sake of show prompted by worldliness; and long life with no stock of good deeds.
  4. Uthman (r.a.) always advised the Muslims to avoid quarrels and disputes, and maintain unity in their ranks. He said, "Do not quarrel, and do not create differences among yourselves. Hold fast to the rope of God, and maintain unity in your ranks".
  5. Uthman (r.a.) conceived of history as a means of acquiring wisdom. He said: "Acquire wisdom from the story of the dead".
  6. Uthman (r.a.) said that he loved three things, namely: To feed the hungry; To clothe the naked; To read and teach the Holy Quran.
  7. In his addresses, Uthman (r.a.) tried to inculcate in the people the fear of God. He said, "Fear God, for to Him you are to be gathered."
  8. Uthman (r.a.) highlighted the virtues of patience in the following terms: "Under all circumstances, a person should be patient, otherwise disgrace would be his lot".
  9. Uthman (r.a.) held the following four things as essential: To associate with the worthy is laudable, but to follow them is essential. To read the Holy Quran is virtuous, but to act according to its injunctions is essential. To visit the sick is meritorious, but to cause them to make their behests is essential, To visit the shrines of holy men is piety, but to be prepared for death is essential.
  10. Uthman (r.a.) said that he was surprised at the conduct of a person: Who knows that accounts [are] to be rendered on the day of resurrectionb [but even so] hoards wealth.
  11. The highest degree in faith is that you [will] always regard yourself in the presence of God.
  12. Uthman (r.a.) said: "Silence is the best cure of the malady of anger".
  13. Uthman (r.a.) said: "It is painful to realize that while an animal recognizes its master, [some] human beings do not recognize their Lord".
  14. Uthman (r.a.) said: "He who is not put to any distress or difficulty for a year at a stretch let him realize that God is displeased with him."

06-09-2007, 02:55 PM
^^ JazakAllah for sharing sister :)

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