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View Full Version : The Jihaad of the Sahaabiyyat (female companions)

- Qatada -
06-05-2007, 07:18 PM

The Jihaad of the Sahaabiyyat.

The Sahabiyaat (female companions of Allaah's Messenger) fought alongside the male companions of the prophet salla Allahu `alaihi wasallam in the battlefields of Jihad against the Kuffar.

* One example is of Umm `Ammaarah who was among the few devoted followers of the Prophet sallaAllahu`alaihi wasallam who stayed to protect him when most ran away during the attack of the disbelievers in the Battle of Uhud. Umm `Ammarah (a.k.a. Nusaybah/Naseebah bint Kaab) shielded the Prophet salla Allahu `alaihi wasallam with her body, using her sword and her bows and arrows. She attacked Qaniah who got within striking distance of the Prophet sallaAllahu`alaihi wasallam. She was wounded deeply on her shoulder and continued to fight but because Qaniah was well-protected, she could not make a dent on his armor. Umm `Ammarah also fought against Mussailamah Kaththab and she suffered a dozen wounds and lost an arm.

* In the battle of Ahzab, Safiyyah radiAllahu`anha demonstrated a brilliant military strategy and killed one of the jews.

* In the battle of Hunain, Umm Salim radiAllahu`anha set out to attack the enemy with her sword.

* In the battle of Yarmook, Asma' bint Abi Bakr, Umm Abban, Umm Hakeem, Khawlah, Hind, and the Mother of the Believers Juwairiah radiAllahu`anhunna participated and displayed extraordinary valor. Asma' bint Yazid radiAllahu`anga killed 9 enemy soldiers.

* In 28 AH (after Hijrah), Umm Haram radiAllahu`anha took part in the attack on Cyprus.

* The Mother of the Believers `Aishah, Umm Salim, and Umm Salit radiAllahu`anhunna contributed in nursing the wounded.

* Umm `Atiyah radiAllahu`anha fought took part in 7 battles and fought during the rule of al-Khalifah `Umar Farooq radiAllahu`anhu.

The Sahabiyat took part in battles on land and at sea, fighting as well as giving medical aid to the soldiers, nursing the wounded on the battlefields, providing food and water to the wounded and thirsty. They side by side the soldiers, handing them arrows, nursing the wounded and generally help to keep up the morale and fighting spirit of the Muslim army. They helped to carry the martyred and the wounded back to Al-Madinah. Even the children helped to bury the dead!

The Sahabiyat also helped in spreading the message of Islam.

* Fatimah bint Khattab radiAllahu`anha was the one who converted her brother, the great companion of the Prophet salla Allahu`alaihi wasallam and martyr of Islam, `Umar bin Khattab radiAllahu`anhu.

* Umm Salim radiAllahu`anha influenced Abu Talhah radiAllahu`anhu to accept Islam.

* Umm Hakim radiAllahu`anha was the one who convinced her husband, Ikrimah bin Abi Jahl radiAllahu`anhu to accept Islam.

* Umm Shareek Dosiah radiAllahu`anha worked discreetly among the women of Quraish to spread Islam.

* `Aishah radiAllahu`anha was among the sahabiyat who prominently helped in the important work of preserving the purity of Islam. In 35 AH, when al-Khalifah `Uthman radiAllahu`anhu was martyred and there was chaos and confusion over who would the next khalifah be, she was one who united the muslims of Basrah (Iraq) and Makkah.

The Sahabiyat were also known to lead the prayers and calling the athan when they were with assemblies of women. Among them who performed this were `Aishah, Umm Salim, Umm Waraqah and Sa'dah bint Qamamah radiAllahu`anhunna.

* Umm Waraqah radiAllahu`anha turned her house into a place of prayer for women. The athan was given by a lady mu`aththin, and Umm Waraqah lead the prayers as an imam.


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- Qatada -
06-05-2007, 07:20 PM

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