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06-07-2007, 07:12 PM
Assalam Alaikum wrwb,
My name is sister Yasmine. I am living in the USA and am looking for a few things inshaAllah. I am a new muslim. I don't really know to much about it yet except that it is a beautiful religion. And I can not stop reading about it. I took my Shahada when I visited the city a few months back. I since have not been able to get back. I live about an hr and half away from the islamic community. I live in a small town of 800 people. I have not seen any muslims yet. I had no choice but to move here because of financial issues. I want so much to stronger my knowledge of islam and follow the laws inshaAllah. I have not been able yet to wear hijab. But have a strong will to. I don't have any means for the clothing again because of some personal issues. So thought I would explore the islamic world I have availible to me at my fingertips.The web. I came accross this board and figured it would not hurt to post. Maybe some sisters have some spare or old clothing they no longer need and are willing to give to a new sister. That would really be helpful for me, also anything else like islamic books, videos, tapes etc that can help me with my journey. I have a Quran but it is not very easily understood for me. I have a small learning disability when it comes to comprehending things like words. So maybe someone has something that is very plain and right to the point without the fancy terms and words that could help. I also would like to learn the prayers. But am stuggling with the pronuciation of words and memorizing. Also I have gone through a difficult transformation and if sisters have any extra personal hygine products they don't need, I could really use them right now also. I hope to hear from you all soon. Thanks

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- Qatada -
06-07-2007, 09:02 PM
Wa alykum as-Salaam (and peace be upon you) sister. May Allaah grant you success, and make your path easy to His Mercy and Paradise ameen.

Here is a good link which has many links in regard to performing the prayer:

About listening to tapes, there are some good lectures which you can download from this site which are in English:


If i am able to find anymore information relevant to you, i will try to post it insha Allaah (God willing.) And i pray that Allaah helps you, and provides for you.

This is a good link for new muslims:

We pray to Allaah that He removes your difficulty, and i want you to know that none of this is going un-noticed;

The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said, “A Muslim is not afflicted by hardship, sickness, sadness, worry, harm, or depression—even if pricked by a thorn—but Allah expiates his sins because of that”
(Al-Bukhari and Muslim).


We will keep you in our prayers sister, and always remember, Allaah says:

Therefore remember Me, I will remember you, and be thankful to Me, and do not be ungrateful to Me.

[Qur'an 2: 152]

Pure Imaan
06-08-2007, 02:04 PM
Assalamualaikum sister

Alhumdulliah you are a muslim, I pray Allah (swt) guides, helps and increases your imaan and taqwa inshallah...ameen.

Here is a site for understanding the Qu'ran it had several recitors and also an explanation in english, it is extremely beneficial.


Go to the Demo in order to learn of all the features and to comprehend how to use the site, select 'Launch Qu'ran Explorer' in order to use it, hope you are well in terms of your health, take care sister and do not be hesitate in asking of anything, kk, good good, assalamualaikum hun xxx

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