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View Full Version : Signs of Allah in a pigeon egg

06-08-2007, 03:26 PM

A wonderful a pigeon egg is!
It is covered by a white shell that protects the egg from many dangers.

The shell is such that it is waterproof, so the water can't go in the egg. The shell is also airtight, not allowing air to go in the egg.

If we think for a moment now, air and water are the two most important elements for survival.

But, Allah the Almighty, creates a life inside the egg without these elements from external sources.

Then inside the egg, we find liquid egg white and the yellow yolk. Out of these limited substances, Allah the Greatest brings out solid bones.

He brings out fully functional eyes. He brings out a working brain. He brings out a stomach, tongue, feathers, nails, skin, and so many other things.

Best of all, Allah brings out of this egg such a creature that can start flying in the air within few days. Such is the power of Allah. Trully, there are signs of Allah in the egg of a pigeon, and in everything.

"O Lord, You have not created this for nothing. Glory be to You! So safeguard us from the punishment of the Fire." (Al-Imran:191)

source: www.islamcan.com

:w: :)

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06-08-2007, 03:29 PM
Masha'Allah sounds amazing, though it really has put me off eggs.

He brings out a stomach, tongue, feathers, nails, skin, and so many other things.


06-08-2007, 04:24 PM
^^ lol whoops.. sorry, didn't mean to put u off ur eggs :X

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