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View Full Version : Yasir Qadhi ~ Muslims in the West: Where are we Heading?

.: Jannati :.
06-11-2007, 06:14 PM
Muslims in the West: Where are we Heading?

A newexclusive lecture delivered in the LMC Masjid in London
aimed specifically to Muslims in the west.
Yasir Qadhi
discusses where Muslims in the west are heading.
A step towards formulating a realistic vision.

| Download | @ Dhikrullah

Commentary :

The Shaykh begins the lecture by discussing the situation of ‘crisis’ the Ummah is facing today due to so much happening in the world. He talks about how these situations have also arose in the past as well as in the Prophet’s

time, which were even more critical than it is today.

However he distinguishes the clearly unique unprecedented difference which is not just different from what has happened in the history of the Ummah but also in the history of the entire world, never before has there been a situation of Western Muslims living i.e. us!

There have never been secular democracies, run by this type of government and its governing system. Nor have there been such a mass exudes of people leaving their countries, to come live in secular democracies, (or western lands.) and this is what makes up a majority of the Muslim population today. The Shaykh then outlines how the new generation who are living at this time went through a wave or ‘Sahwah’ of the revival of Islam, where the Youth are more likely to live Islam than the older generations as we go through a process of re-discovering our Deen.
Yasir Qadhi further continues to discuss, with examples from the time of the prophet

certain issues that can be also applied in our lives today even as we live in a western society. The talk deals with giving answers to

5 Questions which are:

1) Are we as Muslims even allowed to Live in Daarul Kufr (The Land of Unbelievers)?

2) What is our goal as a community?

3) What should our relationship be with the people around us? (namely non muslims)

4) What do we do with others from within? i.e. Muslims who are considered to be incorrect in their theology
5) Who do we turn to for spiritual and moral guidance at times of crisis?

While answering these questions Yasir Qadhi goes on to outline the unhealthy mentality of thinking Non Muslims who have different beliefs are all out to get us and perhaps exterminate Islam!

He reminds us of how the prophet

was helped by the Mushrikoon!

Therefore, even if we may have different beliefs we must understand and realise that not everything about them is bad! We mustn’t forget how these very people raised the largest protests and campaigns against the wars that are taking place and that they do publicly support unjustness…..n I guess I should stop before I just comment on each and every bit of the whole of the lecture

but please brothers and sisters listen to the very important issues the Shaykh discusses in a realistic and pragmatic way with reference to the Shariah! Subhan'Allah I personally found it v. beneficial Alhamdulillah!


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