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- Qatada -
06-22-2007, 08:38 PM

Benefit of the Day Magazine - Issue 1

And ‘Abdullah bin al-Mubarak recorded in az-Zuhd [p. 51] that al-Hassan al-Basri said, "I saw those people [the salaf] and how they were more careful about their time than about their Dirhams and Dinars [i.e. their money].”

So we Muslims live in an age where our time is discarded thoughtlessly, when time is, in fact, the currency with which we buy safety and bliss in the Hereafter. We, the sisters of Dar at-Tibyan, in the effort to benefit from our time, increase our good deeds, and recommend one another to the Truth and to patience, present our brothers and sisters in Islam with a book of short, beneficial lessons and reminders – one for each day in the month - which we hope will add to your knowledge, help you use some of your free time beneficially, and assist you in your accumulation of good deeds. We ask Allah to accept this effort from us, to bless it, and to allow us to continue in what is pleasing to Him, Amin.

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Benefit of the Day Magazine - Issue 2

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Taken From Benefit Of The Day

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