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06-29-2007, 06:59 PM
As-salamo alikom every body

I was working in tourism in Egypt and I have lots of ideas that will help in creating a new style of tourism "Islamic tourism" Islam encourages the people to wonder every where to see what Allah created ….. But within the rules of Islam I have done lots of trips in Egypt but from my heart I was not very happy of what im doing …. Till I started tawbaa alhamdoallah … then I start thinking to use my experience in tourism in Islamic way … I know any one think about tourism in bad way but this it will be time to change the ideas by creating a new style of tourism " Islamic tourism " this tourism will be only for Moslem men

And for helping Moslems in all countries all over the world …traveling to other countries is okay in Islam.

But think with me what is better for you in this life and the afterlife to travel to a country to enjoy your self "away of Islamic rules" or travel to Islamic country to enjoy your self and to help your Moslem brother and sisters and the poor families in theses countries ….

Did you think before to help a poor man to let him marry or preparing a poor girl to marry …..

Did you think before to maintain a school in a poor country ….. I know most of you did some things like this by transferring money through your visa card …. But I think it will be great if you participate by yourself in this work …

I will start preparing my web site which will be helping any one want to travel to the Islamic countries. And I will present a bunch of tours that will serve these ideas …
I hope you enjoy this idea ….

Waiting your reply ….

Sameh your Moslem brother


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07-25-2007, 07:19 PM
Ya good idea i would support that too.

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