View Full Version : Appeal of $1/person for the Pakistan flood, 2007

07-05-2007, 01:51 AM

Just recently, a huge flood and cyclone has hit my homeland Pakistan. Around 2 million Pakistanis have been afflicted from this. Around, 1 million people are now homeless and face severe danger to their lives such as potential cholera outbreak, poisonous snakes etc. etc. And thousands have died. :-(

Kindly donate $1 to help the victims of this flood. If you are financially capable, don't hesitate to donate more.

The donations can be made to a Canadian charity organization, "North American Muslim Foundation" at


If you like, you may contact them directly and give cash or any other sort of things you wish to donate. Their contact information is avb. on their website at www.namf.ca

Make sure to forward this message to your near contacts or post on other forums.

If you are on Facebook, join the group "Appeal of $1/person for the Pakistan flood, 2007" and spread the word about this group on Facebook through your contacts. I have added the link to the donation webpage in the Introduction section of this group of mine. The group is located at


Thanks and may God reward you for this blessed deed
Kind Regards


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