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07-09-2007, 08:24 AM
:sl: Brothers and Sisters,

First of all I'd like to thank every1 who has over the time sent me reps. Alhamdulillah

Second, I am a bit confused :muddlehea and I am not sure if every1 of us knows what rep etiquettes are. What I mean is that usually when we send rep to someone we get a msg saying that hopefully/if ur lucky (whatever the words are) u recieve the same rep in return.
Does that mean that I should send "thank you/JazakAllah"rep to everyone who sends me rep? I haven't done that before. Does it mean I was being rude? I have no intentions of being rude to ppl who r nice to me here. I'd like to know how ppl on this forum deal with this issue. I am sure some users just send reps back to every1 who sends them reps. Others probably wait for something good to agree with n then send reps. Some send to show kindness.

Me, I do it for all the above reasons, except to thank someone for sending me rep. :-\

I'd like to know

1. what users here expect from other users while using reps.
2. Should I use reps to thank other users who send me rep:thankyou:


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07-09-2007, 08:47 AM

lol no, you don't have to rep someone back with a thank you! Although I wouldn't say no. :p

07-09-2007, 01:58 PM
walaykum assalaam wa Rahmatullaah

^ lolz innit :p

I don't expect anyone to rep me back n stuff but i try my best to return it (don't start hoggin me with reps now :D) sometimes i forget to rep someone back inshaa'Allaah no one takes it badly...

wassalamu alaykum

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