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07-12-2007, 11:46 PM
Ever get the feeling that we spend too much time complaining? Wishing for better times? Not being satified?
With ourselves?
With others?
With the state of society?
With world politics?

I am not saying that these issues aren't important and shouldn't be addressed ...
but today I had a real sense that we should praise God much more, and in all situations!

When things go well for us, do we remember to give thanks and praise?
When things don't go so well, do we manage to praise God regardless?

So I thought I'd start this PRAISE thread:

A thread for us to post any thoughts/news/messages of situations we praise God for. :statisfie Those may be of a personal or a global nature, from our own experience or from the news.

A thread for us to refer to when we have moments during which we wonder 'what God has ever done for us?' ... :-\

Come on guys, let's praise God!


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