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08-25-2005, 12:04 PM

:brother: Brothers/sisters :sister: , whats your greatest challenge doing daawa? I mean certain difficulties and the patience, plus your accomplishment. Daawa is for the spread of Islam. :)


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08-25-2005, 01:34 PM
wrong section brother
challenge is when the other person is not sincere about God and dont really wanna discuss

i donna what u mean by accomplishment, but if u r talking about successful dawah...well, i have done dawaah to some ppl, couple of them became muslim afterward alhamdulillah...remember it is Allah (SWT) who guides ppl

09-07-2005, 06:32 PM

InshaAllah, I'd like to give some advice with regards to Dawah.

  • If the person is not willing to listen, then spare yourself the time and the trouble. In order for Dawah to be successful, the recipient should be open-minded.

  • If they are a non-theist then show them arguments for Allah's existence and refute any counter-arguments they may come up with.

  • Explain to them the wonderful and unique features of the Qur'an and prove it's authenticity and that it has divine inspiration.

  • Give them Dawah particularly upon the fields that they are interested or well-versed in. For example, if they are interested in science then show them the scientific miracles and accuracy of the Qur'an. If they are interested in literature, then show them the Qur'an's beautiful literature that remains unsurpassed. If they are interested in law, then show them the logical structure of the Shariah.

  • Show them how Islam doesn't make the the same mistakes and have the same flaws as other religions.

  • Refute any misconceptions that they may have and represent the muslim community well, showing them it's gentleness, tolerance, rationality, generosity e.t.c.


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