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07-29-2007, 02:06 PM
I want a Leader

The tragic incident of Lal Masjid in Islamabad is something which made me believe that those responsible for this bloodshed are our religious communities in particular and common people in general.
If we had any religious leadership in Pakistan as Iranis had under Khomeni, would such a horrible bloodshed happen in the House of Allah?
We saw the same curse of Allah after the martyrdom of Saiyidina ‘Uthman radhiyAllahu ‘anhu when Muslims were divided and 100,000 lives were lost. Since then we are being divided continuously into sects and factions.
Sometimes I consider the Lal Masjid administration responsible for this tragedy, because used girl students of Jami’ah Hafsah most probably because they were not from rich families or their parents were not influential or they didn’t even have any parents (for a big number of them was the victim of earthquakes with no parents or families). But when I put myself at the place of Ghazi Shaheed, I see myself besieged by Kafir army which is bombing the house of Allah and killing those who have Quran in their hearts; their crime is only that they want the Supremacy of Allah in Pakistan. They don’t want to see brothels and porn video shops in their community. They never killed any Aunty Shamim or Chinese Massage Centre workers nor did they harm them physically…but still I have complaints against them, that they didn’t let girls students of Jami’ah Hafsah out in the last days of the bloody operation.
And the reason for Ghazi’s behaviour and that of the religious community in Pakistan is the lack of leadership.
I was wondering if it’s possible for at least the political religious parties to choose one leader in Pakistan but that’s a far cry. MMA leadership is divided into political entities, prominent of them are Jami’at ‘Ulama-e-Islam (Fazlur Rahman) and Jama’at-e-Islami. Qazi Husain Ahmed resigned from parliament without taking Fazlur Rahman into confidence and now they are arguing over this resignation. What the heck!
They don’t get united on the level of MMA, how can they unite the Ummah?
Well, our condition as an Ummah as a Nation at least in Pakistan is worst. And there’s only way I see to the survival and that’s to choose a leader, an Imam.

Religious class equally responsible for Lal Masjid massacre

Over Lal Masjid issue the attitude of ‘ulama and the religious community was shameless, they didn’t do anything to ward this bloodshed off simply because they fear Kuffar more than they fear Allah, they believe if they support the truth they will be labeled as Extremists, Al-Qaida or Taliban. I am sure if their own children were trapped in Jami’ah Hafsah they would do anything to stop this massacre. They would come to streets in millions, they would fill the streets of Islamabad, they would do any desperate acts e.g they would storm and hijack universities, colleges, hotels, government buildings and do everything to force the government not to carry on the bloodshed. Obviously if my own son or daughter was besieged in a building by my own Army I would do anything to take him/her out.
Doesn’t this mean that our religious class doesn’t regard fellow brothers and sisters their brothers and sisters in Islam?
Doesn’t this mean they don’t consider the Ummah like a body which feels the pain if one part of it is afflicted?

Who will be the Leader (Imam)

The problem is that religious class is divided into sects and factions. If you choose a good leader from Hanafis, Salafis may not accept him and vice versa. Politically if you choose a leader from one party, other parties wouldn’t accept him. That’s why it’s important we choose a leader on whom all sects and factions agree.
Can we ever find such a leader in the Ummah, on Pakistan level at least?
Because it’s obvious that leader has NOT to be sectarian, otherwise he wouldn’t get support from rival sects.
A leader who is accepted by Salafis, Hanafis, Deobandis, Barelvis etc which are the mainstream religious entities in Pakistan making up the majority of population.
I am not talking about shias, qadiyanis because the mainstream of Ummah/Pakistanis doesn’t agree with their beliefs; they will be considered a religious minority under the leadership of our Imam.

How to select the Imam

I want views and suggestions of brothers and sisters on how to choose an Imam on local levels. Globally we can choose an Imam through local Imams.

Religious Leadership would be more powerful than the puppet rulers of Muslim countries

I believe that.

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