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Slave of Rehman
08-14-2007, 12:36 PM


Celebrating the creation of Pakistan:
One the 14th of August many people will be celebrating the creation of the state pf Pakistan and also everything Pakistan, they will be acting as if it is Eid or in an even more celebratory manner.

Celebrations in Islam:
The Messenger Muhammad (saw) said that there are only two celebrations in the Muslim calendar, that of Eid al-Adha after the Hajj and E-d al-Fitr after Ramadhan. All other celebrations are considered innovations, such as birthdays, graduation days, days of nationalism etc……

Free-mixing, dancing and singing:
Usually the celebrations on this anniversary of the creation of Pakistan are associated with individuals dancing and singing and free-mixing between men and women in public places.

Free-mixing and entertainment between adults:
Entertainment between adult Muslim men and women is strictly prohibited in Islam, indeed Muslims must avoid any such places where there is evil and where Shaytaan will play a role.

Calling for Nationalism:
One this day people also call for the support and continuation of the state of Pakistan as an entity, area etc…. many people will be waving the Pakistani flag and even painting their faces and bodies in green and white just as the people before Islam, in the time of Jahiliyyah would be proud of their various tribes and nations.

Nationalism in Islam:
The Messenger of Muhammad (saw) said that the one who calls for or who fights for nationalism is not one of us (i.e. acting like a Muslim). Indeed he (saw) said that the Muslims worldwide are a unique community (as opposed to the Pakistani) whose land is all one, their war is one, their places is one and their honour is one. There is only flag in Islam which the Messenger Muhammad (saw) ever held and this is that of the Shahdah.

Pakistan as a separate entity:
The independence of Pakistan from India is seen a cause of celebration and being pleased. Many people believe that Pakistan was created for Islam to be implemented and that therefore the separation from Hindus in India is considered praiseworthy. This despite the fact that Islam has never been implemented in Pakistan since its creation and the fact that the constitution clearly gives precedence to the choice of the people i.e. democracy, over the Quran and Sunnah.

The division of Muslim Land:
The Muslim world is today divided into over 55 small countries none of which are implement Shari’ah Law except Saudi Arabia. The division and continued control over Muslim land is a tool employed by the Kuffar to keep Muslims under the oppression of man made law.

Being proud to be Pakistani:
When asked about their affiliation, many people will freely admit that they see themselves as Pakistani first or vice verse. This affiliation is considered stronger than all other bonds and also manifests itself in defending Pakistan and its customs and culture at all costs, even if it contradicts the Shari’ah. In addition to prove their pride they will put down other Muslims from other countries and extol what they consider the virtue of Pakistan, over all other peoples.

Being proud to be Muslim:
The Messenger Muhammad (saw) said that there is no difference between Arabs and a non-Arab apart from Taqwa. In addition he (saw) said that Islam is superior to everything and nothing can surpass it. Hence as Muslims we must consider ourselves Muslims firs, last and only. Any other affiliation in from the days of ignorance and prohibited, apart from mere lineage i.e. a description of ones ancestry. Many of the customs and culture of Pakistan is also derived from Hindus or the time of the British occupation and must also therefore be rejected.

Muhammad Ali Jinnah:
As a symbol of nationalism pride people from Pakistan also have a habit or raising the status of Muhammad Ali Jinnah and even have photograph of him in their walls. When asked about the great men in history people will readily list Jinnah and, like the instigators of independence of other Muslim countries, Jinnah’s photographs and life are studied and taught as matter of nationalistic duty.

The Messenger Muhammad (saw):
As Muslims Allah (az wa jal) has given us the unique honour and dignity of attributing ourselves to the final Messenger sent to mankind, we do not therefore follow anyone or take anyone’s example as one to emulate apart from him (saw). This is not to mention the fact that Jinnah was not even a Muslim drank alcohol, deeds like Kufaar and called for nationalism. In addition, having any photos of living people in the home will prevent the angels from entering such homes and etc….. Moreover Muslims must teach their children about the lives of the Messenger Muhammad (saw) and his companions as opposed to the likes of Jinnah.

The Effect of defending Pakistan at all costs:
In their blind support for Pakistan and everything Pakistani many people today justify the implementation of man made law by Pervez Musharaf, his closing down of Madarasahs, the killing innocent women and children in Masaajid, the curtailing of the activities of the Mujahideen in Kashmir and the handing over of Muslims to the USA. They give excuses to Musharaf like “he is weak” and that id Pakistan stood firm they would be attacked by the USA and that Pakistan’s international status involves fighting terrorism etc…..

Defending what Allah asks you to defend:
The defence of Pakistan and its government’s actions al all costs has let to people siding with USA in its so-called war against terrorism which is nothing other than a war against Islam and Muslims. Moreover Kashmir is not a Pakistani issue but rather an issue for all Muslims everywhere. In addition Muslims must never make excuses for anyone allying with non-Muslims to kill Muslims or to betray them or hand them to non-Muslims, these are all considered to be acts of apostasy in Islam. Like any leader not implement Islam Mushraf must be exposed and removed from power to be replaced by governance of Shari’ah (Law of Allah).


Your Brother in Islam
Slave of Allah

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