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View Full Version : The first step towards seeking knowledge is sincerity of intention

08-18-2007, 03:26 PM
The first step towards seeking knowledge is sincerity of intention

al-Imaam Yoosuf ibn Abdil-Barr

Reference: Jaami' Bayaan al-'Ilm wa Fadhlihi - Volume 1, Page 118


'Alee ibn al-Hasan ibn Shaqeeq said: I heard 'Abdullaah ibn al-Mubaarak[1] say:

The first step towards (seeking) knowledge is the(sincerity of) intention, then it is listening, then it is understanding (this knowledge), then it is memorising (this knowledge), then it is acting (upon this knowledge), then it is spreading (this knowledge).



[1] Died 181 AH

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08-18-2007, 04:17 PM

SUBHNA'ALLAAH!!!!!!!!!! :cry:

Ya Allaah lead us all to the right path Amin.

Btw, i love u siggy

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