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View Full Version : What makes me Mad

08-19-2007, 07:52 PM
:enough!: What really upsets me is today ive been going around alot of islamic sites i (enjoy reading questions and answers to obtain information) and some of the answers are upseting and in times un correct. I was suprised when one help forum a woman claimed a man had done something unjust to her and what she should do, the "scholar" that responded implied that it must be her fault, she must have stared at the male or wore form fitting cloths or had arroused him in some way ( almost implying that that men we animals who could not control there urges) i was so upset this is un correct and disturbing... next i went to another site that stated men could have four wife (which i know is allowed in our religion) however the reasons that were given were horrible... the reasons being that "there are less men then woman, woman if nessary must marry a man that may already have one or 2 wifes if not will become public property" wow public property? how about marring a non married man or not marring, but public property thats not right...now i am no expert but i was under the impression it was for reaons such as being unable to bare a child or a widowed woman who has no one to take care of her but to say that in general woman should persue marring married men to not become public property because men are some how in short supply.

the most upseting part in most of this was the negative views towards woman. Our religion is a just, beautiful and fair religion when you get to the heart of it, so why do we insist on making islam look so negative towards woman, the media already does a good enough job... we need to protect it, and should not only point the blame at woman.:cry:

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