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09-17-2007, 07:44 AM


The Pillars of faith, six in total, must be based on a very sound foundation of knowledge; and what is a more solid foundation than the Last of Divine revelations: the Qur’an and the inspired saying of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

The first among the six major elements of faith in orthodox Islam the belief in Allah, the one and only true God.

It is necessary to affirm all of what is found in the Qur’an and authentic sayings of Allah’s Messenger Muhammad (peace be upon him) concerning Allah’s names and attributes. Some of His attributes are actions (like "He created") and some of them are characteristics (like "He is Great’), others are descriptive of Him ("His Face") etc. All of these are to be affirmed without the following four pitfalls:

Distortion - That is to distort its obvious meaning, insinuating the belief that the attribute or name means something other than that which is reported.

Denial - That is to deny its meaning, either outright, or by way of interpretation.

Qualification - That is to claim the how of it.

Likening - That is to claim that is like this thing, or to claim that is similar to a description of a created thing.

Allah, has revealed to His Messenger Muhammad (peace be upon him) that: He is Alone, He is the One who is turned to in repentance, ever Eternal and Perfect, absolutely faultless. He did not give birth, nor was He born. There is no valid deity other than Him. (The term deity implies a worshipped object; so there is no one worthy of worship except for Him, even though many people worship others.) He is Alive, Ever-Living; He Sustains and Protects all that exists. He does not tire or become weary; He is the Owner and complete Sovereign of all.

His Knowledge encompasses everything; and He is completely Knowledgeable about a thing even before He creates it, knowing the how of the thing and all of its conditions and stipulations, including its duration of existence. He has complete control over everything and nothing happens except by His Permission. His Footstool extends over the heavens and the earth; His Throne is over His Footstool; and He is Above His Throne. He is the High and the Mighty.

He is the First, the Last, the Highest, the Nearest, and the Knower of all things. He is Ever-Living, without end. He is the Wise, the Well Acquainted. With Him are the keys to all knowledge beyond human reach, and none knows them except Him. Nothing happens at all except that He has written it in a Clear Book. He is Capable of everything. He is the Possessor of Strength, the Unbreakable. He Has no likeness. He is the Hearing and the Seeing, always. He Loves the doer of good, the just, the upright, and the pious. He Loves the repentant and those who purify themselves. He Loves those who fight for His Cause. He Loves those who Follow His Messenger Muhammad (peace be upon him). He is the Forgiving, the Loving, and the Loved.

He is the Merciful, the Mercy-Giver. He has encompassed everything with His Mercy and He is Ever-Merciful with the Believers. He has prescribed mercy for Himself; He is the Coverer of sins, the Best Protector, and Most Merciful to those who show Mercy.

He is Pleased with the Believers, and they will be the inhabitants of His Paradise. He is Angry with whomever kills a faithful believer intentionally, and He curses him. He takes Vengeance on those whom He is angry with, and He punishes them. He dislikes and considers some things hateful, like the act of enjoining a thing which one does not do.

He will come, and He will arrive on the Day of Judgment in a manner that befits His Majesty. He Descends to the lowest heaven at the last third of the night answering the calls of his supplicants. He is the Possessor of Majesty and Generosity, and His Face is Everlasting. He is the Lord. He has two Hands and He has claimed that He created Adam (peace be upon him) with His own two Hands. Both of His Hands are spread wide and He spends according to His Will. He is our Lord who rears his servants under His Eyes. Allah Hears all things constantly; He Sees; and is Looking at all things constantly.

He is the Best Plotter, the Best Planner. Others may plan or plot, but His is the way that will be. He is Pardoning, Capable. He is the Might. He is Unique; the Possessor of Majesty and Nobility. He is without namesake, equal, rival, partner, son, daughter, offspring. He is the Creator of everything and He has measured all.

We say as He said: that He is above His Throne. He is Above all. The belief that He is above all does not imply that He is overshadowed by, or inside of, or part of anything at all.

Rather, He is above all things. He is the sender of the tornado, the hurricane, the earthquake, and all calamities. He is with you wherever you are, as He explains; He hears and sees. The belief that He is with you wherever you are does not imply that He is everywhere. Rather, it implies that He knows, hears, and sees all, having complete control over existence.

He speaks, and narrates, and He spoke directly to Moses (peace be upon him). He has sent the Qur’an whose words are His. He is happy with the true repentance of the faithful believer. He Laughs. He will Speak to His servants directly, on the Day of Resurrection, and in the Hereafter, He will be seen by the believers whom He grants this blessing to.

Belief in Allah also implies singling out Allah alone in worship and in all of the characteristics which have been mentioned in this booklet. The opposite of this is associating god with Allah. Association (shirk) is the gravest sin - it is a sin which Allah has stated He will not forgive. Likewise, denying any of the attributes of Allah is a heretical act of disbelief which may lead one to become an apostate. Belief in Allah necessitates believing in all that He has claimed about Himself, praise be to Him.


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