View Full Version : [AnsarSisters] Emergency Appeal from Al-Ansar!!!

Abu Muhammed
09-18-2007, 03:34 PM
[AnsarSisters] Emergency Appeal from Al-Ansar!!!

Assalamu Alaikum - Please do not ignore this message....

What better time to face this test? The landlord of Masjid Ansar, Seven Kings High Road, Goodmayes, has asked Al-Ansar to purchase the building by this week or he will sell it to someone else.

Masha'Allah he has been very patient with us so far, in waiting for us to raise funds. The building is being sold for £415,000.
We have a remaining £200,000 to raise by THIS WEDNESDAY 19th September. We need to raise the rest of the money in the next 2 days!!!

So far we have raised £36,000 today during taraweeh (18% of total).
This leaves £164,000 to go!!!

What to do?
Lend Al-Ansar Money via our Qarda Hasana Scheme. We can use the money we spend on rent to pay back of lenders (by the permission of Allah).

"Who will lend to Allah a goodly loan so that He may multiply it for them?"
Ring all your friends and ask them to lend/ donate to the Masjid.

We only need 164 further people to lend/donate £1000 and the job is done inshallah. This masjid needs your help in enabling it to continue function please loan/donate by cheque (payable to 'Al-Ansar Islamic Education Centre) or in person to:

Al-Ansar Islamic Education Centre
833-835 High Road,
Goodmayes, Essex IG3 8TD
Telephone: 07932 534 205

Or send donation direct to our bank account using online banking. Our Bank details are:

Al-Ansar Islamic Education Centre
Natwest Bank
Account no. 81685473
Sort code: 40-25-27

Please don't delay we really need your help.
One Brother rang all his friends and raised £10,000 in one evening!!

Please e-mail ansarsisters@yahoo.co.uk if you have donated or loaned money so that we can keep a tab on our total.

Jazakumu Allah Khair


Umm Ja'far
on behalf of Ansar Islamic Education Centre

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