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09-18-2007, 04:09 PM
Forgive me if this might appear as an odd post, but I really feel ashamed to admit it but I've done (at least I've think I've done) a fair share of bad deeds, and only now I realize how much I've strayed off the path for the last few years, and how dangerously closer to Hell I might have ended up.

I'm now inaugurating my mental Jihad and want to clear all those bad deeds off, and make up for them by being a good person, and doing good deeds. So I was wondering if the following count as a good deeds to be recorded, and how many they are worth:

  • Praying Five Times A Day
  • When your parents tell you to do something, obeying their orders without question
  • Saying particular Du'as their specified number of times each day
  • Repressing the urge to say something bad, or a swear word

I've decided to do good deeds on my own initiative, for example some days, I've decided to help anonymously with clearing up the floor in my living room, but I am unable to help anonymously or actually help someone with their chores each and every day because I have studies, e.t.c. and the sameis with a number of other good deeds I take on my initiative, and I am worried that this won't be enough to make up for all the sins I've commited in the past.

So I was wondering, how many number of times is the record for the good deed than the good deed itself, such as obeying your parents when they tell you to do something, or supressing the urge to say a swear word when something annoying has happened to you, or saying particular du'as a number of times. For example, when you obey your mum or dad when they tell you something, would that be worth 1 good deed, or more?

And does the same kind of thing apply for bad deeds?

Sorry, if it is not fully clear, but I've really started to worry whether I'll be able to make up for the sins I've done.

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