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09-24-2007, 10:11 PM
Eid Gifts for Iraqi Orphans

go to http://iraqicharities.org/gift.php (you can make an online donation now)

The ‘Iraqi Charities Forum’ is a charity registered in the UK under the number 1115625 and as a non-profit company with Company House under the number 5354695.

What are the transparency guarantees?
The Iraqi Charities Forum takes full responsibility for any funds it receives. We at ICF want to assure you that we will do whatever we can to make sure that every penny donated will reach the Iraqi orphans on Eid. All the details of the campaign will be accessible on the ICF website (e.g. details of donations, names of orphans benefiting, pictures and videos of the event etc.)

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09-25-2007, 01:37 PM
I have often searched in my soul and my surroundings wondering why life is so empty. I have always wondered whilst living my life to the fullest, what it was that was missing. My answer was often found in the sad unfolding events happening to my fragmented country. Iraq!

I feel helpless each time I switch on the TV and see the bloodshed. I feel angry, outraged, then turn off the TV and try to forget it. But the images are hard to forget, the children running, crying, and sitting close to the bodies of their loved ones. Those horrific images are hard to forget.

One day I decided to turn the sadness, frustration and anger to action. I decided to offer a helping hand to those crying children. To the thousands of orphans that are being created every day.

Since I work in a school, I decided to start selling lunch once a week to the children in school. First, I thought only a few kids would buy and to my surprise more than half of the school signed up. It was very hard to do the first time but I decided not to give up. And with Allah’s grace and mercy over an eight months period, I raised enough money to sponsor 20 orphans for a whole year.

When my beloved uncle, Kamil, came to visit us in the U.S., I found out that we shared the same passion and we both worked for the same cause. I was very excited that I still have $500 remaining from the orphans’ lunch program. Thus, I decided to donate it to his noble organization (Iraqi Charities Forum). To my surprise, this money became the foundation for a much bigger project, which will bring a smile to the orphans for Eid.

Let us make this Eid a memorable one for the orphans, let us make it an Eid that they would never forget. I am hopeful that with the participation of others this campaign will flourish.

Sahar Ali

09-27-2007, 08:28 PM
we do 0% admin charge, so no money donated to this project will be spent on any administration costs. Only the cost of transferring the money to Iraq will be deducted from the donations.

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