View Full Version : cypriat turkish muslim marrying a pakistani muslim

Shorty x
09-28-2007, 08:59 AM
Aslama alaikum,

how are you all, nice to meet you, im new to this forum.

I was having a conversation the other day with my friends, and we were discussing marriage. we know that a muslim brother can marry a non muslim sister, but not the other way round.

However, what about a muslim sister marrying a cypriat turk? Turkish people are muslims too, yes. But the cypriat turkish people we know, are not very knowledgeable in islam, nor do they practice. They know of the basics. But do not pray, or take interest in the month of ramadan. They do not read the Qu'ran or have ever attended a mosque, even though there tradition is to marry in a mosque in cyprus. They have older members of family who know how to read the Qu'ran and pray, Some cypriat turks drink socially aswell.

I am a university student , coming in to a new town, i have met peolpe from all different back grounds, Cypriat turkish people being one of them. I was wondering wether someone could tell me, is it just a culture difference, or traditions what makes them different?

I am aware that we get different types of muslims, is it wise do you think, for a pakistani muslim to marry a cypriat turk?
As you can see there is alot of cultural differences, and beliefs etc. But were all muslims right?

I dont know if im making sense, im just abit confused and curious.
Hope someone can give me more information, to make me gain an understanding of there way of life.

Thank you
Allah hafiz

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09-28-2007, 11:34 AM
well, all i can say sis. is that pray salah istikharah. ask Allahs opinion on this. but with my mini knowledge in islam all i can say yes,the pakistani girl can marry him only if she can change his ways from not drinking to making him pray his salah. it depends in the heart of hers whether its real love or shes going for the looks. if you understnd what i mean. i bet theres pretty full-time muslims out there in that big wide world. the problem is how you gonna find him? lol;)

09-28-2007, 07:13 PM
:sl: why not also have some brothers help to educate this brother inshaAllah it will with the help of Allah(swt) All Mighty make things easier and not put the partners in a negative atmosphere nor endanger the children (Allah(swt) willing if theyre blessed with any), also the point must be made that there is only one way of Islam and one ummah of believers alhamdulillah either one follows haqq or their own desires, may Allah(swt) keep us on the straight path and bless us to help our brothers and sisters ameen :sl:

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