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View Full Version : Praying Behind a Mubtadi’ or a Faasiq

09-12-2005, 08:22 PM
Praying Behind a Mubtadi’ or a Faasiq

Shaykh Khaalid Ar Raddaadee

The general rule in this (affair) is that ‘whosoever fulfils the pre-requisites and conditions that make it correct for a person to be an imaam (a leader of the Salaah), then likewise the Salaah of those who pray behind him is also correct. So this Imaam, if he were to fall into an innovation or a sin that does not amount up to Kufr (disbelief), then surely, prayer behind him is considered to be correct and permissible. However, if the innovation amounts to Kufr, then indeed prayer behind him is not permissible, such as prayer behind the Raafidhaah, the extremist Soofees, the Baatiniyyah, the Barailwiyyah, and the likes of them, because they have beliefs that contain Shirk (ascribing partners to Allaah) and Kufr (disbelief).

As for the person who practices some open sins such as shaving off the beard and allowing the garments to drop beneath the ankles and so on and so forth, then prayer behind him is correct and permissible. As a matter of fact, some of the Sahaabah (the Companions of the prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم) prayed behind some of the people of innovation or the people of tyranny and oppression. ‘Abdullah ibn ‘Umar and others besides him prayed behind Al Hajjaaj ibn Yusuf Al Thaqafee ‘The Tyrant’.

So it is not permissible for a person to leave off praying in the congregational prayer for excuses such as this. Rather it is a must that he gives great concern about the congregational prayer. So if he finds a Masjid that belongs to Ahlus Sunnah (the People of the Sunnah), those who express great concern for the Sunnah, and that it is easy for him to go there and pray with them, then this is best. However, if he does not find anything other than this Masjid (the Masjid belonging to other than Ahlus Sunnah), and the one who leads the prayer there is not from amongst the People of Innovations or sins that amount up to disbelief, then prayer behind him is considered to be permissible. However, with this he should strive and exert great efforts in advising and guiding them, and Allaah is the one who grants success.

Questions and answers from the explanation of Al Qawaa’id Al ‘Arba’ah.
February 2004

Translated by: Abul Qayyim Ismaa’eel ibn Yusuf

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11-02-2006, 04:01 PM

jazak Allah


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