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10-04-2007, 06:10 PM
Bangladesh Army cleans corruption

Bangalore: Bangladesh Army rule, which not only locked up both the battling Begums but also cleaned up the world’s worst corrupt country, is being welcomed by the people fed up with the country’s chaotic politics. Both Khaleda Zia, heading the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), and Sheikh Hasina Wajed of the Awami League, are under arrest on charges of corruption.

Since January, over 2,50,000 politicians, who have looted the country, are thrown into jail.

Mohammad Yunus, propped up by the zionists and the Indian Brahminical rulers, started a party but found no support. (DV Nov.16, 2006: “Bangladesh crisis & Yunus”).

Once the Army cleans up the country’s corrupt politics and weeds out India’s Brahminical agents trying to destabilise the country, it hopes to restore democracy after encouraging new political forces.

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10-04-2007, 06:15 PM
RAW hand in Bangladesh student violence

The tempest that rocked Dhaka from Aug.20 to 22 under the cover of student protest was masterminded by India’s super intelligence agency, RAW (Research and Analysis Wing).

RAW was behind the recent upheaval in Dhaka University (DU) and other educational institutions when students attacked vehicles and business installations. The situation was so grave that the government was forced to impose curfew in Dhaka and five other divisional headquarters to control the students belonging to pro-India camp. They were joined by non-student hired hooligans and activists belonging to different political parties and their front organizations that enjoy RAW blessings.

The trouble started over a trifling matter — a football match at DU playground to teach a “lesson” to the caretaker government and undermine the image of Bangladesh armed forces. The tempest struck when the country was recovering from scars of India-created devastating floods.

The student riot spread to many other universities and even colleges which had no connection with the DU playground incident. Cash distribution was so open and enormous that the Army chief, Lt. Gen. Moeen U. Ahmed, said the “evil power (meaning India) poured crores of taka to instigate vandalism in the streets”.

RAW, they said, is engaged in disruptive activities in Bangladesh ever since it came into being in 1971. No other country in this region and beyond is against Bangladesh and no other intelligence agency maintains so many tentacles and toadies in Bangladesh other than the RAW.

A Bengali daily, Naya Diganta, of Dhaka said Indian diplomats based in Rajshahi caused release of the three teachers of Rajshahi University. Of these one was Prof. Moloy Kumar Bhowmic, a Hindu.

Indian High Commission officials were very active throughout the student violence. Rajshahi University did not experience such a violence in its 54-year existence.

Indian diplomats tried to influence the police not to prosecute the culprits. It also said that many teachers and student leaders of RU were on the payroll of RAW.

Barrister Mainul Hosen, the adviser for Law and Information, told the BBC the involvement of foreign hands. (noa@agni.com)

10-04-2007, 07:23 PM
Bangladesh court denies ex-PM bail


Zia says the charges are a conspiracy to tarnish
the image of her family and party [AFP]

The Bangladesh supreme court has ordered a corruption case against Khaleda Zia, the former prime minister, to go forward and denied her bail while awaiting trial.

Zia's lawyer, Rafiqul Huq, called Thursday's ruling unfair and said efforts to get her released from prison would continue. He did not provide details.

The high court granted Zia bail on September 30 and ordered a halt in the court proceedings for technical reasons, following her arrest earlier in the month.

However, the government immediately appealed against the decision to the supreme court, and the former premier has remained in detention.

The ruling meant that Zia will remain in jail awaiting trial in a corruption case involving shipping contracts.

Zia is accused of misusing her power while awarding two contracts to a local company, Global Agro Trade Company, when she was in office in 2003.

The contracts involve receiving shipments of containers carrying goods into Bangladeshi ports.

Zia has insisted she is innocent, saying the corruption charges were a conspiracy to tarnish the image of her family and party.

Zia's main rival, another former prime minister, Sheikh Hasina, has been held since July on extortion charges.

Bangladesh, an impoverished nation of 145 million people, has been labelled as one of the world's most corrupt countries by Berlin-based anti-corruption watchdog Transparency International.

The country's military-backed interim government says it is fighting corruption, and will improve electoral rules and clean up the nation's violent factional politics before holding new elections next year.

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