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10-04-2007, 06:14 PM
India is sick because it is ruled by sick minds

Bangalore: In the name of their “god” Rama, the Hindus are being made monkeys ever since the Brahminical people destroyed Budhism and drove it out of India. Dr. Ambedkar, the Father of India, had effectively demolished this humbug in his shocking book, Riddles in Hinduism (W&S, Vol.4, 1987), of which the “Riddle of Rama and Krishna” is a part (p. 323).

Both Rama and Krishna are cock and bull stories. That is what he said.

The Govt. of India itself confirmed this before the Supreme Court on Sept.12, 2007 and said the Valmiki Ramayana and Ramcharita Manas lack scientific and historic veracity.

Valmiki Ramayana and Ramcharitmanas admittedly form an important part of ancient Indian literature, but these cannot be said to be historical records to incontrovertibly prove the existence of the characters and occurrences of events depicted therein, the Center said in an affidavit filed in the Supreme Court on Sept.12. (Times of India, Sept.13, 2007).

For details on the two funny characters created by the Brahminical people to entertain the masses and lure them from revolutionary Budhism and then Hinduise (enslave) them, please read our book, Riddle of Rama & Krishna (DSA-1995, Rs. 10) with the foreword of our Editor (1987 and 1995).

Brain control: The hold of the mere 3% Brahminical people on the brains of the Hindus is so much that on the very next day the Govt. of India withdrew its entire affidavit as well as that of the Archaeological Survey of India. This right-about-turn was caused by the Brahminical threat to shake the very Govt. of India. The Congress, the original Brahminical party of India, simply surrendered when the Brahmana Jati Party (BJP) threatened agitation against Sethusamudram project, a scientifically approved project.

If you need a proof here it is: India is sick because it is ruled by sick minds. A cock and bull story came in the way of a major infrastructure project, cleared by scientists, engineers and promising enormous benefits to the country. But a Hindu god, Rama, came in the way.

India’s Brahmin Law Minister, H.R. Bhardwaj, said:

“Lord Rama is an integral part of Indian culture and ethos and cannot be subject matter of litigation in court”.

Faith killing India: A society or a country’s progress depends upon science and technology. But not faith. If faith comes in the way of progress the latter gets the preference. In “Hindu India”, the faith is not only coming against its progress but destroying the country itself.

When Dr. Ambedkar said this the Hindus waged a violent war against Dalits in 1987. Dr. Ambedkar’s book demolished this dangerous “faith” that is killing India. The book was published (1987) by the Maharashtra Govt. itself with its Chief Minister’s signature. The govt. bowed to Brahminical terrorism and deleted the “offending portions”. But in DSA we reproduced the offending portion, Riddles of Rama & Krishna (DSA-1987). The “offending” portion was restored after a powerful agitation by Dalits in Bombay.

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