View Full Version : Early Eid Greetings From Me TO You....

10-07-2007, 06:51 PM

Right i guess Eid is coming soon like erm few days or something and also in some masjids they have done Katam 'Finished Qura'an'.. nearyby they have yesaday and some dude nearby bought a box of sweet dunno what ya call it thoe but kinda too sweet and erm ya nice but i was kinda shocked a dude knocked on door giving me some sweets WOW... :mmokay:

Anywho my point of this thread is early Eid greetings to EVERYONE.. I will be departing to my step pa's house maybe on thursday so i will be busy like mad so might aswel say it init... IF THIS THREAD GETS DELETED THEN DON'T BLAME ME SISTERS COZ I DONE MY JOB SAYING 'EARLY EID GREETINGS'.. Take care and don't eat much... save me some food and if anyone want to give me a eid pressent then your welcome to donate a pet :p

Anywho... Have fun people... and few days left so remember me in ya dua'ahs please and please do forgive me insha'Allaah...


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