View Full Version : “Palestinian corpses used as screen savers”

11-05-2007, 02:21 AM
“Palestinian corpses used as screen savers”

Hiyam Noir, PalestineFreeVoice

Trading photos on their cell phones manifesting their morbid hatred and envy against Palestinians they have *murdered on the Gaza Strip, is the new hobby among Israeli Zionist state terrorists. Photo-captures of Palestinian corpses used as screen savers by the Israeli Jews is nothing new - I have heard this unbelievable true story before. The Israelis in their morbid interest in Palestinian pain and death, found a new amusement in swapping photos taken with their cell phones during their missions of murder on the Gaza Strip.

One of the photos - is apparently taken by the infamous terrorist unite Israel's Golani Brigade, of Palestinian resistance fighters assassinated in the recent incursion into northern Gaza Strip.. Other gangs of Israeli predators "operating" on Palestinian territories, are among those psychopath’s, collecting and exchanging such morbid pictures. Photos captured of the human beings they just murdered in cold blood - gives the perverted Israelis a sense of "finality in victory".

A spokesperson of the Israeli terrorists authority, said that the Israelis considers it a top priority to "preserve the moral values"- that [soldiers]and [commanders] "were brought up with" - and that the Israeli army [of terrorists ]would look into the "issue”. SIC -

I rather would have believed in all the fables of the world - than believed in this fabrication about Israeli high quality of ethics and moral. - I notice a mind so offensive, mischievous and false - lacking of honor and high status. Attempting to cover up the Israelis absence of moral and ethic standards - a vital characteristic that does not exist. High standards of moral values, is not a practice in the interaction with what the Israelis call non-Jewish, the "gentiles" goy•im's and she•getz- can not be found in the Israelis interaction with other cultures and religions, and does not embrace the Israeli society it self.

*Murder: by definition, is the crime of unlawfully killing a person brutally. Mass-murder is the act of killing a large number of people by the same person, or by a large group of people. Serial Killing is the act of murdering selected victims, and continuing through a series of murders of the same type of persons, in the same brutal way. The mission-oriented type displays no insaneness to the outside world, while on the inside the killer has a need to get rid of people he detest or hate and feel he have to have a complete control over. The assassin most of the time find pleasure in killing, have no control of them selves and suffer from psychotic mental illness.

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