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Ameeratul Layl
09-19-2005, 11:42 AM

During my break time in college I was sitting all alone in the corner of the canteen. I didnt feel lonely but then again....I didnt feel very comfortable.

I started drifting off and thinking about how much I couldnt stand being in England (and want to go to Saudi). And how annoyed I was that I couldnt seem to think of a career I wanted to take on.
Though,I did have a gynocologist (womens doctor) and a dentist in mind.

As I looked out the window towards a block of stairs I saw the most beautiful child I've ever seen. She had glasses on and was immaculately well dressed.
It wasnt until I took a closer look at her and I realized she was a child in need....she had syndrome.

Tears began gathering in my eyes as I though of my previous thoughts and how ungrateful and naive I was JUST thinking about myself. I only thought of ME going to saudi and helping MYSELF to do something and do something really amazing. Wipng my tears I made an effort to approach the child and see if she was lost and she had no one accompaning her....it was too late....she'd gone!

I've always picked out negative things in my life and never noticed the positive.
After seeing such a beautiful child I now know that I want to help children in need (in Saudi) and if it is possible I also want to become a gynocologist.

mY point is brothers and sisters.....DONT just think about yourself. There are others who need OUR help but may be too scared to speak out. And make a move before it is too late.

m3 salaam
Raiyhana :wilted_ro

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09-19-2005, 03:28 PM

good point sister :thumbs_up

inshaAllah one day u will go to where u want :)

but dont despair, england does have some benifits if you think about it. and you are here for a reason!

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