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11-09-2007, 07:05 PM
I love this nasheed, which was chanted by a Mojahid sentenced to death in Egypt..I have taken the liberty to translate it, to all who don't speak Arabic, and have enclosed the video for the Br. who was sentenced to death right after he recited it...if it were posted here before I apologize, but at least more people can now learn of the lyrics..

غرباء ... غرباء ... غرباء ... غرباء
Strangers ---
غرباء ولغير الله لا نحني الجباه
Strangers, and to none other than for Allah shall we bend
غرباء وارتضيناها شعارا للحياه
Strangers and gratified as that is our cry
إن تسل عنا فإنا لا نبالي بالطغاه
If you ask of us know that we don't give heed to tyrants
نحن جند الله دوما دربنا درب الأباه
We are the soldiers of Allah so long as ours is the path of resistance

لن نبالي بالقيود
We will not give heed to our chains
بل سنمضي للخلود
We shall pass to what is eternal
فلنجاهد ونناضل ونقاتل من جديد
Let's battle, struggle and fight anew
غرباءٌ هكذا الأحرار في دنيا العبيد
Strangers, that is how the liberated are in a world of slaves

كم تذاكرنا زمانا
oft remember a time
يوم كنا سعداء
A day that was for us felicitous
بكتاب الله نتلوه
The book Allah we recited
صباحا ومساء
By daybreak and eventide

غرباء ... غرباء ... غرباء ... غرباء
Strangers ....

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