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Islam subjects human passions and desires in the service of noble goals such as obedience to Almighty Allah which generates, in life, values of love, virtue, truth and integrity. Those steeped in sensual pleasures and who are slaves to their blind passions are doomed to a life of deprivation and restlessness, for carnal desires once rampant become insatiable. The appetite increases with every effort to satisfy it resulting in a craze for the maximization of sensual pleasure. Such an attitude to life is not conducive to progress either materially or spiritually. Humanity cannot approach higher levels of nobility and virtue unless it is free from the dominance of blind carnal appetite.

Man and women have a perpetual appeal to each other. They have been endowed with a powerful urge for sexual love, with an unlimited capacity to sexually attract each other. Their physical constitution, its proportion and shape, its complexion, even its contact and touch have a strange spell on the opposite sex. Their voice, their gait, their manner and appearance, each has a magnetic power. Moreover, the world around them abounds in factors that perpetually arouse their sexual impulse and make one inclined towards the other. The soft murmuring breeze, the running water, the natural hues of vegetation, the sweet smell of flowers, the chirping of birds, the dark clouds, the charms of the moon-lit night, in short, all the beauty and all the grace of nature, stimulate directly or indirectly the sexual urge between the opposite sexes.

This is a clear indication of the design of nature that the great measure in which sexual urge and appeal has been placed in man is not meant to enable him to perform the sexual act more often than animals, but it is meant to unite man and women in a lifelong companionship. That is why the human species has been endowed besides sexual desire and appeal with modesty and resistance.

Modesty or haya , purity of mind, body and soul are of fundamental importance to the lofty moral culture of Islam, When haya is displaced, immorality with all its accompaniment of evil and other disastrous consequences becomes the order of the day. The displacement of morality in a community opens the door to the worst kind of vice which ruins the moral, spiritual and physical fibre of the human being. Man’s natural barrier against immorality is the noble attribute which Allah has endowed to people in various degrees. The importance of haya can be gauged from the fact that the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) equates haya with iman (faith), according the same pedestal as can be deduced from the following hadith:

“Haya is a branch of Iman”.

Its necessity in the Islamic moral framework is of such vital importance that Prophet (PBUH) described modesty as an inseparable constituent of Islam – when haya disappears, Iman follows suit. In one instance the Prophet (PBUH) mentioned:

“If you don’t feel ashamed, then do whatever you like”.

Immorality will certainly fill the vacuum left by the elimination of haya. The Qur’an cautions believers:

“Do not follow in the footsteps of shaitan, for verily, he is for you an open enemy. He commands you with evil and immorality”

For the benefit of the human race and for the healthy development of society, Islam has decreed the separation of the sexes and has strictly forbidden any unlawful association between them. Even a cursory study of the Hijab laws of Islam will indicate that all such restrictions and advice have been designed to protect the lofty and pure morality which Islam considers vital for the healthy spiritual development of the believer. While the emphasis of Islam is on moral and sexual purity, the culture of modern civilisation strongly advocates the denial of this purity to make way for the immoral and carnal desires of the nafs. Thus self-expression of bestial desires is an accepted norm of life in such a society. In view of the utter destruction and total elimination of sexual morality and modesty, western society considers immoral exhibitions such as promiscuous intermingling of sexes, fornication by mutual consent, wife swapping, strip-tease, homosexuality, lesbianism, bestiality, prostitution, pornography and a host of other immoral vices acceptable to the intelligence of man. Such evils are no longer frowned upon. In fact, these shameless deeds of moral destruction are now regarded as healthy acts of pleasure to be cultivated and indulged in without restraint. Those who practice such immorality actually have the gall to campaign for their “rights” to be enshrined in the constitution of countries throughout the world.

Permissiveness has never been so common as it is today. Immorality and obscenity is widely accepted as natural forms of behaviour. The modern man puts forward the argument that he is an animal like any other animal and he has certain urges and desires like any other animal. He has a few moments to fulfil these urges and desires after which he will disappear behind the curtain of non-existence. Whatever he desires may only be achieved in this short life span. Therefore, instead of suppressing his desires, he should accelerate their fulfilment so that he may enjoy the maximum pleasure from life and should not leave his world with his desires and aspirations unfulfilled.

Most religious codes and moral attitudes have made fornication so distasteful that it presents a picture of sinfulness but this analysis of fornication shows only that in the need to satisfy his natural desires and urges, man has not observed the limits that have been artificially raised around him. However, universal condemnation of fornication has not gone far enough in opposing this distasteful act. Ironically, according to those who promote such indecent acts, it is no crime to oppose these restrictions and it is nothing for which one may be regarded as sinful. Just as it is absurd to question how an animal satisfies its desires, likewise to say what restrictions man should or should not observe in the fulfilment of his desires is also absurd. Moreover, according to proponents of fornication what needs to be examined is whether or not this act does any damage to anyone. If this act is harmful to any individual or society it should certainly be forbidden otherwise there is no reason not to make it lawful.

This philosophy has proven that beastly qualities are inherent in man and are part of his nature. Arguments have been presented to justify man’s slavery to desires so that conscience, which hinders any sin, may be obliterated and his heart may indulge in sexual pleasures as if he were doing good. A plan has been prepared for this: if people see, they see pornography; if people hear, they hear sensual music; there is also free mixing of men and women; immoral literature and education; nudity in magazines and newspapers; obscene films and intoxicating drugs and alcohol. In short, is there any instrument which sparks the fire of licentiousness, sensuousness and lust that modern man has not used?

Teenage girls in secular schools are sexually active and an alarmingly large portion of school leaving girls have any sense of modesty and still retain their chastity. Thousands of women wander about in the parks, pubs, recreation centres, subway stations and other such places to hunt for their pray, for fun or for money, or for both and enjoy pleasures of life without any regret. Nude and gay clubs, centres of fornication, obscenity and immorality are found in almost every big city. Their poisonous tentacles are slowly infiltrating the minds and hearts of unsuspecting Muslims throughout the globe. Therefore, mankind today, is afflicted with a sort of moral leprosy which is eating fast into its vitals and filling the whole world with its stench.

Islam provides by far the strongest sheet anchor against immorality and sexual perversion. Islam also fully realizes that man possesses not only the spiritual soul but also a physical body. He has not only angelic traits of character but also the potential to become morally corrupt. To satisfy the sensuous instincts of mankind, the Almighty has structured well-defined parameters which must be strictly adhered to. For this very reason, the punitive laws of Islam, on the one hand compulsorily stamps out all indecencies and other hand it protects the righteous elements of society against malicious encroachments. Whereas the moral teachings of Islam cleanse man form within so that he does not feel inclined towards sin, its punitive laws regulate his external behaviour so that if his moral training remained defective, his evil inclinations taking practical shape may be forcefully suppressed.

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