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12-19-2007, 05:06 AM

One family is on the way to send her sister in law back to hostel after the weekends.

The husband was driving fast (madly not concern with the safetly) with the music in the background. The wife sat silently but her mounth chanting istighfar. She was aware that her husband was in the bad mood.

When they reached the University, the sister in law reached for her bags and gave salams and waved good bye.

On the way back, the wife called the husband in the most polite manner. "Dear..."

And the husband answered; "yes...what do you want?"

and the wife said; "if i'm gone, could you please take a good care of my mother"

and the husband replied; " what are you talking nonsense".

and the wife said; "Well...i better say it before i die in a car accident".

The husband sat quitely and on the way home...the husband drive slowly and had a safe journey all the way.

:D :D :D ....happened last Sunday :X.

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