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09-24-2005, 08:01 PM
Khubaib (ra) at the time of his Shahadah.

The mushrikeen took Khubaib (ra) captive to Makkah. After staying captive for some time, the mushrikeen moved him out of the sanctuary of Makkah, and asked him for his last wish before planning to hang him. He said, "Allow me to offer two rakah of prayer". He performed two rakah calmly and said, "had I not been afraid that you would think I was afraid of death, I would have prayed for a longer time." So it was Khubaib (ra) who set the first tradition of praying two rakah before being executed. This tradition because a sunnah tradition for every Muslim.

He then made this supplication, "O Allah! There is no person here who will convey my salaams to the Prophet (saw) so You convey my message". Jibreel (as) conveyed his salams to the Prophet (saw) the same day. The Prophet (saw) replied, "And may my salaams be upon you, O Khubaib! (ra)". And he told the gathering that the Quraysh had martyed Khubaib (ra).

The smell of musk could be scented from the blood which was flowing from the wounds as the kuffar kept him on the rope for forty days.

When Khubaib (ra) was hanged on the rope and he still had life, he said, "O Allah! count them one by one, (kill them) and do not leave anyone." When Khubaib (ra) was cursing them, the unbelievers were fearing from his curse as they knew that it would be accepted. A year had not passed and they were all destroyed. Only one of them survived who lay on the floor at the time of the curse.

When Khubaib (ra) was hanged on the rope and his body was full of spear wounds, the unbelievers took an oath asking him, "Do you wish that the Prophet (saw) was in your place today?". Khubaib (Ra) answered, "I swear by Allah! I cannot even bear that I be let free and exchange (a thorn to prick the Prophet's (saw) foot, may my soul be sacrificed for him). (Fath ul Bari)

Khubaib (ra) recited these poems at the time when he was attacked, hanging on the rope ; "When I am being Shaheed as a Muslim I do not care in what way I receive my death for Allah's cause If He wishes, He will bless the cut limbs"

"A lot of groups have gathered without a doubt around me

They have also gathered their tribes

And have all gathered fully.

Close by, they have gathered their sons and wives,

I have approached near to a long terror which is about to end.

Everyone of them is showing his enmity towards me with full effort,

As I am tied in chains and in a place of destruction.

To Allah, I complain of my lack of energy and uneasiness.

And also of those things which they have gathered for the time of my

O Owner of the Throne

Give me patience upon the calamity which has befallen me

My situation is that they have cut pieces of my meat

And there is less chance for any desire,

It is for Allah's cause

If He wishes, He will bless the cut limbs,

They have moved forward because of their kufr,

Even though death is after this, (they do not fear what will happen to them after their death)

My situation is that I am crying but there are no tears

I do not fear death as I am surely going to die

But my fear is of the surrounding fire (hell)

May Allah save me from it

I am not going to show my weakness nor fear,

Without any doubt, I am returning to Allah,

When I am being Shaheed as a Muslim

I do not care in what way I receive my death"

(narrated in the commentary of Bukhari)

:w: warahmatulahi wabarakatuh.

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08-13-2006, 01:57 PM
Subhanallah......The Imam of my local mosque gave a lecture yesterday about Khubaib (RA). Very informative.

08-13-2006, 02:45 PM
JazakAllah khayr, I enjoyed reading that. It was really powerful.


10-15-2006, 09:43 PM

jazakallah khair

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