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01-11-2008, 05:52 PM


If Allah is so Almighty (which He is) why is He letting people die and famine I think its horrid, He should atleast help. 2.Is Allah a man or a spirit?

Bi-ismihi Ta’ala

1) Before coming to the actual question, it is necessary to clarify a glaring error in the question.
The questioner has assumed that adversities such as famine have been created by some other being, and poses the question of why Allah Ta’ala does not assist against this so called other being.
This is based on a false notion. Allah Ta’ala is the sole creator of all conditions, good and bad. Hence Allah Ta’ala is the creator of the calamities in which the creation find themselves. It would then be absurd to ask why Allah Ta’ala does not assist against Himself, for He Himself is the Creator of the very condition against which He is supposed to assist.
This then leads to another question, of why Allah Ta’ala creates such calamities.
To understand this, we need to recognise who Allah Ta’ala is. Allah Ta’ala is the sole creator of the entire universe and all contained therein. He is alone and has no partners. He is independent and is not answerable to anyone. He does as He pleases. He is also the sole owner and master of all creation. Hence it is His prerogative to deal with His creation and property as He deems fit. We as His creation have no right to question His actions.
Even in this world we regard it as unjust to question a man as to why he spent his personal wealth in a certain avenue, and not other. What then about the absolute owner of everything, Allah Ta’ala. Surely He has the absolute right to deal with His property as he deems fit.
Furthermore, Allah Ta’ala is All-Wise. He is free from all faults and unblemished. His actions are never devoid of wisdom. Hence He has a define reason for putting His creation into such adversities. Allah Ta’ala says in the Quráan
: “He is the One who created life and death in order to test you, that who amongst you are the best in action.”
The purpose of life and death is a trail and test. Allah Ta’ala tests man through various agencies, both through adversity and prosperity. Allah Ta’ala wishes to see how His servant will respond to these various circumstances. Will he remain an obedient servant or will he renegade on his allegiance? Allah Ta’ala wishes to reward His sincere servants with the eternal bliss of Jannah (Paradise). For this man has to prove his unflinching devotion to Allah Ta’ala. It is to test this devotion that Allah Ta’ala imposes trails upon mankind.
We find an example of this in this very world. If scientists wish to send an astronaut into space, they select the very fittest, one able to endure the rigours of life in space. In order to determine the eligibility of a prospective astronaut, he is put under various rigorous trails. He is deprived of sleep, food and drink for days, is subject to gruelling physical exercises, separated from family and kin for months, laden with tons of technical information which he has to memorise, and no stone is left unturned in taking his physical, mental, and emotional faculties to the limits. If an observer were unaware of the mission for which this astronaut is being prepared, he would no doubt, on face value, regard these trails as cruel and harsh. He would declare the scientist to be tormentors and oppressors. Little does he know that the astronaut takes great joy and pride in enduring these trails.
Similar are the trails of this world which Allah Ta’ala imposes on his servants. Allah Ta’ala wishes that they qualify for the eternal success of Paradise. The sincere servant too takes great joy in enduring these trails in exchange for the gift of eternal bliss.
Moreover, Allah Ta’ala out of His mercy does not impose a trail on his servant which the servant cannot bear. He the All Mighty says in the Holy Quráan:
“Allah Ta’ala does not make a person responsible except for that which is within his ability.”
Thus in all these trails the servant is only expected to do that which is within his volition. He is not accountable for factors beyond his control. Hence, despite the right of Allah Ta’ala to impose whatever trail He wishes upon us by virtue of He being our owner and master, out of His mercy he only holds us responsible for that which we can endure.
We can thus understand that all adversities, famine, death or any other, have a definite purpose, i.e. to trail the eligibility of man to the eternal life of prosperity in the hereafter.
2. Allah Ta’ala is neither man, nor spirit. Spirit implies a being confined to time and space. Allah Ta’ala is all perfect, and free from time or space. His physical being is incomprehensible to us.
We trust this answers your questions.
and Allah Ta'ala Knows Best
Mufti Ebrahim Desai



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05-25-2012, 12:34 PM
MashaAllah, excellent answer!

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