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09-25-2005, 07:08 PM

Since the arabic alphabet has letters that can not be replaced with these English alphabets we substitute them with numbers :) its quite simple and u will get the hang of it very quickly.

The Letters

ح =7
خ =5
ع =3
ط =6
ظ ='6
ء =2

lets have examples-


candy/sweet = (halwah) replaced with a number =7alawah

good= (khair) replaced with a number =5air

Abdullaah = (Abdullaah) replaced with a number = 3abdullaah

Jealousy = (gheerah) replaced with a number = 3'eerah

Prayer = (Salaat) replaced with a number = 9alaat

misguided ones = (thaleen) replaced with a number=9'aleen

food = (ta'am) replaced with a numbers = 6a3am

obvious = (thahir) replaced with a number = 6'ahir

and as for hamza its a 2 an example i can give for that is my own name A'eshah the (e) would be a 2 ---> 3a2eshah*

Note: the 3 is replacing the letter ain ( but the a is still there to show emphasis to the letter and the 2 is hamzah.)

The 7 is a very nice tool to help differentiate between the letters

ه & ح

*the ( ' ) behind a number repersents the dot on top of the letters.

i hope this was helpful if not i am sorry to confuse you.

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09-25-2005, 07:30 PM
wa alaikum asalaam

and Farhan would be Far7an. :brother:

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