View Full Version : The Dawning of True Islam

Jameel Bismilla
10-06-2005, 04:16 PM

Pax Vobiscum …
Salaam Alaikum …
Peace be with You …

All are expressed in different languages but on only one meaning…. Peace and that is Islam. Other than the above are simply terrorism which does not full on this category.

Slowly but surely … terrorists in Iraq are being eliminated to give way for a new dawn. Iraqis love peace and want to get rid of these terrorists hiding in the guise of Islam but really the remnants of Communists who are simply lazy people but love guns to terrorized peace loving Iraqis just to maintain their bossy life style.

We knew that you are hiding out there… supporting terrorists to control our people … but listen… just a matter of time…. that you can’t even have time to regret.

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