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View Full Version : Those who fast for them there is a gate in Paradise called "ar-Rayyaan

10-07-2005, 10:24 AM
.Those who fast for them there is a gate in Paradise called "ar-Rayyaan":
Abu Hurairah [Radi Allahu anhu: May Allah be pleased with him] reported: The Messenger of Allah [Salla Allahu Aleihi Wassalam] said, "He who spends a pair in the way of Allah will be called from the gates of Jannah: `O slave of Allah! This gate is better for you' and one who is constant in Salat (prayer), will be called from the Gate of Salat; and whoever is eager in fighting in the Cause of Allah, will be called from the Gate of Jihad; and who is regular in observing Saum will be called from Ar-Raiyan Gate. The one who is generous in charity will be called from the Gate of Charity.'' Abu Bakr (May Allah be pleased with him) said: "O Messenger of Allah (PBUH)! May my mother and father be sacrificed for you! Those who are called from these gates will stand in need of nothing. Will anybody be called from all of those gates?'' He replied, "Yes, and I hope that you will be one of them.''
[Al-Bukhari and Muslim].
Commentary: "Pair'' means two; in other channels of transmission, it has been explained thus: "They asked him, `Pair of what?' He [Salla Allahu Aleihi Wassalam] said, `A pair of horses, cows or camels'.'' "Pair'' in this Hadith, however, can be all-inclusive; i.e., fasting two days or performing two prayers, etc. This Hadith also mentions special distinction of Abu Bakr As-Siddiq (May Allah be pleased with him) and the esteem in which he was held by the Prophet [Salla Allahu Aleihi Wassalam]. It also transpires from this Hadith that one can praise such a person right on his face about whom one does not fear that it will make him proud. This Hadith has also an inducement for giving in Sadaqah two instead of a single item.
Sahl bin Sa`d [Radi Allahu anhu: May Allah be pleased with him] said the Prophet [Salla Allahu Aleihi Wassalam] said, "In Jannah there is a gate which is called Ar-Raiyan through which only those who observe Saum (fasting) will enter on the Day of Resurrection. None else will enter through it. It will be called out, "Where are those who observe fasting?'' So they will stand up and proceed towards it. When the last of them will have entered, the gate will be closed and then no one will enter through that gate.''
Commentary: This Hadith tells us about the special distinction of those who observe Saum. "Only those who observe Saum'' signify the faithful who not only observe Saum during the month of Ramadan but also frequently observe voluntary fasts over and above the obligatory ones, otherwise Saum of Ramadan are compulsory for every Muslim. Similar is the case of the people of Salat, people of Sadaqah and people of Jihad, who have been mentioned in the preceding Ahadith otherwise all Muslims are on par so far as the Salat, Sadaqah, etc., are concerned

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